Is it really THAT time of year again!? Okay okay, don’t panic! This time of year can be full of dramas and stresses, but have no fear; R&R is here!

We have scoured through numerous sites and trolled through stores (tough job, but someone had to do it), to bring you some of the cutest gear.Here is a quick list we compiled, using some of the most strenuous and scientific algorithms to help get you ready for back to school.  You can follow this list chronologically, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and of course return to some of the steps frequently (if you’re R2, that’s ALL the time).

Top 6 Preparation Hacks

  1. Freak OUT!! AHHHHH! (Feel better? OK, so with that out of the way… I suppose that it’s safer to have a freak out now than when you’re knee deep in papers and exams).  I am about to head into my second year of University… yet I still find myself a bit nervous and apprehensive on the first day, so a few breathing exercises always come in handy. In all seriousness, whether this is your first year of school or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s perfectly normal to have gutters. There are a lot of things to anticipate, from finding your classes, locating all your books while avoiding bankruptcy, to praying for a decent professor. These are all legitimate stresses and you are not alone; in an upcoming post we will be covering coping tips, strategies and resources for keeping sane throughout the school year.
  2. Stack up on notebooks! If you’re anything like me, my laptop is my #1 note taking tool, but I always make sure to have one or two notebooks handy. With the potential for laptop battery drama, or those LOVELY professors who are still anti-electronics.. (yea, they still exist). It’s always a good idea  to have a backup plan or two. Plus, with all the super cute note books out there, why limit yourself to just one?! I legitimately lost an hour of my life looking at all the beautiful notebooks on display at Chapters Indigo.  Do not limit yourself to shopping at just one place. I have found some really adorable notebooks in the most random places; Dollarama have some really nice item for $3, but I have also added to my collection from notebooks found in Winners and even Maxi, because if we’re being honest Chapters Indigo may not meet everyone’s budget. Have fun, play it up and don’t be afraid to show your personality!
  3. Colour Coordinate! I have fully accepted my addiction to colours and coloured pencils, whether it’s crayons, markers or my rekindled love for Prismacolor Colouring Pencils (I have the special 60th anniversary edition…oh yea…do they still sell these?!?). Using different colours for different tasks, not only adds colour to your notes, it helps to organize your thoughts and ideas, which will totally come in handy when the inevitable test comes around. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll have a rainbow of colour in your notebooks, which to us is NEVER a bad idea!
  1. Stickermania! A couple of years ago I discovered the company Bando and fell in love with their cute, funny and original stickers in their agendas. Especially now that I have an almost four year old, I have found myself sneaking a few of her stickers into my agenda and journal for a little added fun. They help to add a visual cue in your notes, but they also make for quick reference points. If you don’t want to limit yourself to conventional stickers, you can make your own using washi tape! It also doubles as a bookmark or as a much more colourful sticky note. They’re super inexpensive and can be found in various places, from Staples to Dollarama (my go to for inexpensive gear).
  2. Post Away! If for any reason you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to your supplies and reference markers, you can always go for the classic post it sticky notes (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it). As we know they make for super quick and easy paper markers, and by its very nature is eye catching, so be careful not to over postify (not a word, I know-don’t judge) your notes. It may become too overwhelming on a page and may only confuse you, defeating the purpose of being an organization aid. That being said, I have always bought my post-its from Dollarama, because other than how sticky the glue is on the back, there is no real difference between the knock offs and the OG (sorry Post-It), but if you’re brand loyal, they are obviously the go to choice.
  3. Stay Hydrated! I know, I know- you’ve heard it so many times, but as your schedule will be packed commuting and running from class to class- it’s really important to keep up with the H2O. I’m no expert, but if I can allow myself to dust off the cobwebs on my brain…generally speaking, the average body is made up of 50-65% water. By the time you feel thirsty, you have already lost 2-3% of your body’s weight, which then starts to have an effect on your mental performance and coordination. Going off on a tangent, the human brain and heart accounts for approximately 73% water(*) , so water up ! There are many different styles of water flasks, from plastic, metal to bags, all ranging in prices and they are LITERALLY everywhere. Of course if you have a baller’s budget, you can buy your flask from places like Starbucks or Chapters Indigo, but in the R&R Opinion, Costco offers the best bang for your buck. They sell a set of 3 Contigno 750ml bottles for approximately $19.99 (last time  checked) and their newest designs have a lock to prevent leakages and are much easier to drink from but also take apart for a quick and efficient clean. So brave the Costco rush and pick yourself up a pack!

Just a Little Tip

  • Don’t hesitate to plan ahead when it comes to getting everything you need to be set-up for school or work; it never hurts to have a game plan.
  • Buy a calendar; whether it’s a desk one or wall mounted, it’s extremely useful to have when organizing between your assignments, tests, study sessions and the inevitable coffee breaks (wink).
  • It’s a good idea to shop around for your supplies, depending on your needs or budget you can find some really cute items in non traditional places. For example, Sears has a new line of stationery, pens and notebooks and they are gorgeous, so keep an open mind on where you look, there are lots of lovely things to find!

The Loot

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