Who Dis??!!



So… we think it’s about time that we introduce ourselves!  If you know R1 and I personally, then you already know our names, our personalities.. some of our likes… dislikes etc, but for the rest of you out there, we’re a mystery (*cue evil laugh!!). Just to change things up, instead of writing our own bios, we will write the bio for each other. We will also have a quick fire My Sister’s Keeper Q & A/FAQ, just so you know about the Bloggers you’re reading from ( :O ).

R1 on R2

Introducing my wacky, over the top, type A sister- R2; she is super organised, energetic and corny. Nevertheless (I love that word), she is extremely giving and helpful. It is rare that I have to ask her for help, before the words leave my mouth, she is on task. She entered this family like a lighting bolt and life has never been the same. I can remember being told that I would be a big sister again, all I was hoping for was a sister, being squished between two brothers…the struggle was real. She was my little help, shadow and doll all wrapped into one. Over the years, after I moved to the United Kingdom, I was worried that our relationship would change, but instead it became stronger, with her growing into a vivacious, well-established, beautiful (inside & out) young lady, I CANNOT be prouder to call her my sister and her keeper (see what I did there?)
Quick Facts:
  • Studying at University to become an Speech Therapist
  • Hobbies: Playing the piano & Singing in The Church Choir
  • Loves Hallmark movies (don’t ask…)
  • She loves ALL things preppy

PicMonkey Image3.jpg

R2 on R1

Well, it seems that R1 decided to be 100% honest up in here… You have your own little wacky quarks if I may Ms!, from your determination to take PERFECT photography shots, and not post it if you feel like something is off (which for you is EVERY TIME!). You’ve always been the person that I would go to if anything was bothering me, and your words of wisdom, left me feeling lighter than when I first came to you with my problems. You always know how to cut down my long winded sentences.., to give me the push to rip off the mini band-aids that life throws at me. You’re an awesome mother to that spunky, mini-R1 daughter of yours (hehe). In more ways than none, a smile tends to be plastered on my face when you text me out of the blue, because we haven’t spoken in almost a week. You’re one of the only people who will text me about the weirdest and most interesting things that happen in your day on a daily basis. Love you shorty!


Quick Facts:

  • LOVES Johnny M 😉 (John Mayer)
  • Hobbies: finding creative things to cook for dinner & making Pinterest boards
  • If she had the money to buy everything in a home decor store.. She probably WOULD lol
  • Obsessed with polka dots


30 Questions:

1- Where were you 3 hours ago?

R1: Lounging on my mother’s couch.

R2: Rewriting my notes for class, while in the comfort of my bed ( 😉 )

2- Confession?

R1: I dance in my car.

R2: I sing at the top of my lungs when no one else is in my house (hehe)  

3- Bad Habit?

R1: Pulling at my peeling nails.

R2: Biting my nails when I’m super nervous.

4-Favourite Colour(s)?

R1: Pink

R2: Purple & Blue

5-What colour is your toothbrush?

R1: Pink, Purple & White

R2: Orange, Yellow, Blue & White

6-Can you drive?

R1: Yes, automatic & manual

R2: Yes, automatic


R1: December 21st.

R2: February 21st. (#daytwins)


R1: Sushi

R2: TWIZZLERS & Kit Kats

9-Three Pet Peeves

R1: Rude, Loud and Disruptive People.

R2: Loud chewing of food ( :O )

10-Last Person You Hugged

R1: Daughter

R2: My niece

11-Zodiac Sign

R1: Sagittarius/Capricorn (depends on the cut off date)

R2: Pieces

12-Something You Miss

R1: The “relaxed” living of the United Kingdom.

R2: Reading for the fun of it vs reading my brains out for school.

13-What Song Is Stuck In Your Head Right Now

R1: “Get Back Up Again”- from The Trolls Soundtrack

R2: “FInd You” – By Lecrae & Tori Kelly

14-Eye Colour

R1: Brown

R2: Brown

15-What Part Of The World Do You Live In

R1: Montreal, Canada

R2: Montreal, Canada

16-Favourite Quote

R1: Maya Angelou- “Still I Rise”.

R2: Anonymous- “Mistakes Are Proof That You’re Trying”.

17-Somewhere You Would Like To Visit

R1: Hawaii

R2: Dublin, Ireland

18-Do You Like Your Name

R1: Of course!

R2: I have never not…until people mispronounce it (lol).

19-Favourite Season

R1: Fall

R2: Fall

20-What Type Of Phone Do You Have

R1: Samsung… 😦

R2: LG G5!!

21-Something You’re Excited For

R1: Trying to be excited for a lot of little things in life…

R2: What the future holds for my life.

22-How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready

R1: Depends on how I feel, but less than 20 mins.

R2: 15-20 mins.

23-Biggest Fear(s)

R1: Snakes.

R2: SPIDERS, Snakes & insects in general…(except butterflies) 😥

24-Favourite Band

R1: John Mayer, but I’m a lover of music as long as they’re NOT screaming at me…

R2: Sorry.. I like a variety our bands.. You just CAN’T nail me down.

25-Favourite Animal

R1: Koala

R2: A Unicorn

26-Favourite Person

R1: My daughter

R2: I’ll have to get back to you on that one 😛

27-One Food You Hate

R1: Any (yes) any cooked fruit.

R2: Eggs.. I just can’t eat them when they’re not mixed into something.

28-Favourite Movies

R1: A Walk To Remember, The Notebook & My Girl

R2: The Sound of Music, A Walk To Remember & Raise Your Voice

29-Do You Get Grossed Out Easily

R1: Ish…

R2: I don’t think so.

30-Relationship Status

R1: Fiance’d

R2: Reserved

Phew! I think that’s enough about us!! Try the questionnaire yourself and tell us about you!

Until next time, that was a little RnR….

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