Eyes Open

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Life is what you make it,

In the world we live in today it’s easy to quit.

Begin to question the things we consider the norm,

Who are you to say, how he or she must perform?

Eyes open, stand up for what you believe in,

It’s so easy to conform to a life full of sin.

Time waits on no man, be careful what you wish for

Before you know it, faith will open a new door.

47e1dbac92d4de7862a5153cafa3c436To fear is to feel something larger than yourself,

Seek those you can count on, in sickness & in health.

Eyes open, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I got your back, you can always cry on my shoulder.

Take a step back from normalcy and challenge your mind

Question things and imagine what you’ll find.

No matter the cost, don’t let life pass you by

That special person is only special if you say “hi”.

Eyes open, you’re special believe me

It just takes one person to trust what they see.

-Josh George,  September 2017

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