The Handbag Shuffle


R1’s Handbag?

– – – – X

Disclaimer: On any given day, my every day handbag is a mess- there is no logic to what you’ll find in there from menus to 1/2 of earrings, to a chocolate bar from 3 months ago (what?! I don’t like chocolate…) Between that and the other random things my daughter decides to hoard, my handbag has a lot of crap in it. I also have to say that on said day where I took this shot, I was actually packing light, because I usually carry my makeup bag full of lipsticks-I wait for inspiration to hit me for the lipstick colour I’ll wear that day. What I also omitted to photograph was the amount of old receipts, menus, pamphlets and other random paraphernalia which was found at the bottom and in the crevasses of my bag….don’t judge.

  1. Wallet
  2. Change Purse
  3. IMG_9167Business Card
  4. SD Card Adapter (don’t ask)
  5. Pen
  6. Hand Cream
  7. Face Cream
  8. Neveah’s Lipgloss
  9. Neveah’s Hair Elastic
  10. Antihistamine (trust me I need it)
  11. Paperclip
  12. Earrings
  13. Afro Pick
  14. Bracelet
  15. Hair Elastics
  16. Keys
  17. Agenda
  18. Pads & Tampons

Don’t carry what you don’t need: in your pocket, in your home, in your heart.”

-Joshua Becker

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R2’s Handbag?

– – – X


Oh my.. My bag basically has everything but the kitchen sink! (No pun intended). Here we go:

  1. Chapstick
  2. Handcream
  3. Skin cream
  4. Lip gloss
  5. Tissues
  6. House keys
  7. Pens
  8. Epipen
  9. Antihistamine
  10. Bandaids
  11. Purse (wallet)
  12. Agenda
  13. Mints (you don’t want to be caught with bad breath!)
  14. Gum
  15. Eyedrops for dry eyes
  16. Bobby Pins
  17. Hand sanitizer
  18. Headphones (ALWAYS hehe)
  19. Water bottle
  20. Mini mirror

So I MAAAYYY have a bit too much stuff in my handbag.. But they ALL come in handy…I promise :D! To be fair, you can probably never be over prepared.

pasted image 0

Show us what’s in your bags, are they are as “over-packed” as ours?!





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