Our Ride or Dies

Squad goals

Girl gang, squad, crew, whatever it is we call our friends; we all have people who come into our lives and literally change our world. Some are in our lives for short periods of time and other friendships last literally a lifetime. We thought we’d take the time to pay homage to the friends in our lives!


The tapestry of life can be a funny thing, when we’re young we connect with people and believe so deeply that we will be friends literally forever. Never fathoming the idea of not being in each other’s lives- such is the impact of friendship. But, as life would have it, people move away, grow apart, have disagreements (sometimes over boys), thus ended or at the very least diminishing some of that connection. Some of my deepest and fondest memories are from friendships from my childhood and youth. I’m not sure if it’s old age, nostalgia or seeing my daughter begin to form her own friendships, but I find them coming to mind a lot more recently. Though I am no longer as close to some of these friends, I have to reflect on just how extremely lucky I have been over the years to have people come into my life and make an impact.



Let me tell you just how much i love this woman- disclaimer; the only one who trumps this is her hubby and that’s marginal. She is funny, kind, caring, a colossal worry wart, gives great advice and allows me to be my weird talkative, over analytical self; will input a nugget of wisdom that literally blows my mind and makes me see things from a whole other perspective. To say she came into my life when i didn’t know i needed a friend is an understatement. Our friendship is released, laid back and drama free. There are people who do not believe you should be friends with co-workers, but i can safely say that i do not know where i would be without her, along with the fact that work wouldn’t of been ½ as enjoyable without her. Over the years, our friendship seem less deepened to where Her joys are my joys, her sadness is my sadness, i feel them as if they were my own; right down to the exhilaration i felt when i found out she was to become a mom-priceless. 2018 will be a tough one for us as distance will challenge our friendship, but i am not worried because the impact she has made in my life cannot be duplicated. I love her like a sister…cue the waterworks.




This woman is one of a kind. The details are blurry on just how we became friends, but i can honestly say that i do not know anyone like this jewel. Funny, effervescent, adventurous and just an all round fantastic company. I was welcomed into her squad with such ease- it was like it was meant to be. She took me under her wing, when all things Northern British thoroughly confused me (lol), make sure to throw in a few jokes on my expense, but I have never felt excluded. Time apart? we just pick back up where we left off. With numerous tales of our many exploits on the town (do not believe what you’ve been told- I am a good girl) and the countless time we have been doubled over in laughter is something i’m currently going through withdrawals from. Moving back to Canada I was worried that we would grow apart, but when she visited earlier this year, judging by the tears shed it becomes apparent she is meant to be in my life-no matter the capacity.


Rae Rae

Did you really think I was going to write a blog post about my ride or dies and not include this nugget?! Let me just take a minute to fully vocalise the depth of my love and appreciation for my awesome sister. Love isn’t a good enough vowel. She is helpful (sometimes too much), stresses over life itself (insert eye roll), talks far too much (yup), but she is witty, kind, caring, and lots of fun. Would I of started a blog with anyone else?! Umm no! The love and care she exhibits towards Neveah is bar none, treating her like one of her own and I have zero doubt that she will be a fantastic mother one day. She is the cause of

many of my eye rolls, but also of many of my lols. The strength of conviction and maturity she has at 21, I can only wish I possessed an ounce at that age, you inspire me in all that you do. You are without a doubt the best sister any one could ask for.


Oh MY! Where to begin with this one?


We’ve been friends since that very first day of high school, and even though we may not always get to talk or see one another on a weekly basis, I know who’s got my back when I need to let out a rant. You always know who to make me smile, even with your old, kind, and every smiling heart. You’re a true gem kid (even though I’m a few months younger than you hehe). We’ve been through high school, Cegep and now uni together, what do you think about talking on the rest of life with you at the top of my most texted list? Haha


Now I know that we’re supposed to be naming names in all of this, when it comes to our ride or dies. But this one doesn’t need a name to the tremendous character, joy and tons of laughs that they bring to my life. You would absolutely kill me if I put a picture of you up on this blog, so I’ll contain myself for a little bit longer, but you WILL appear here one day. We may have only known one another for just over a year, but there are so many times when I find myself feeling as if you’ve been in my life all this time. We reminisce about times when we’ve gone to a particular place with a group of friends and we tell each other about something that occurred there, and then we realize that we were both there at the same time! Talk about a small a world. A small world that I couldn’t see you not being apart of, in regards to my life. You’re stuck with me kid, and I don’t mind.

Life can deposit some wonderful people into our lives and sometimes we just don’t appreciate or really take the time to properly celebrate them, until it’s too late. Tell the people you love just how much they mean to you. Chances are they know, but it never hurts to hear it every once in awhile. Let us know how much your besties mean to you and why! We’d love to hear from you!

-That was a little R&R.

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