Canadian Eh?!

48c3b0ee5dba3683c3887ba4b210a41cTo me, the photograph to the left, fully captures the general idea of what people believe it is to be “Canadian”. We LOVE our Timmy’s and well…there’s the snow. There’s always the typical misconceptions like; we live in igloos (trust me, I’ve had people ask me that to my face..), the assumption that we say “ehh” a lot (lol..what!!??) or that we ALL like Nickelback…I mean really?! Come on a journey with us and let’s see some of the misconceptions of what people think Canadians are really like.





Snow, Snow & More Snow

Yea yea, we get snow…and I’m not talking 5 cms of flurries, picture perfect, cinematic snow. I’m talking 15-20 cms of painful shovelling white stuff landing from the sky. The whole school closed, buses delayed or legit not showing up due to heavy snow fall. Yes, we have these dramas, but we also have 3 other unique seasons (spring, summer and fall, or in Montreal we say; spring, construction and fall). You’d think that we would ALL be used to it by now.. But seriously, can anyone truly get used to the snow that befalls their streets every December? … nah, even the city is taken aback every year….

Country Music


I can’t quite remember how this conversation came to me, but I remember when someone assumed that I liked country music, because they saw Canada as a place with vast land, horses, quiet, full of farm lands, where the majority of people listen to country music. I’m glad to inform you guys, that country is NOT at the top of my list. Don’t get me wrong, there are probably some really great Canadian country artists out there.. But i can’t name one for you at this moment.. (Whoops!)

Our Neighbours to the south

I get it- as Canadians, we’re not an overly imposing group of individuals, especially on the world’s sphere, but it genuinely takes my pickle when people believe that Canada is part of the USA or that we are Americans. I get it (to the untrained ear), we sound similar, but there are some glaringly obvious differences between us and nothing riles me more than someone making an incorrect comparison. Or if they believe all of North america is basically the us. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world, yet somehow the number of people i have come across who either don’t know this or don’t believe it- it’s disheartening.

Sorry to say sorry


We say this word so often it might as well be inaugurated, after all Bieber himself has had a hit called “sorry”.  it’s standard procedure not to say excuse me, but to say sorry instead….. there’s a commercial for some bank, where these two men are Fighting over who is to treat the other to coffee. The men go back and forth paying for each other’s coffee; when someone asks what the two men are discussing,  they’re told it’s a “Canadian” argument. Are we really that apologetically polite? I may have missed that memo!

Moose on the loose!

b45c506301311b6614c371033ce6180fWord on the street, is that Canadians see wildlife 24/7! I’m not sure where that one came from, but living in the city, I think it’s fair to say that I have yet to see a wild animal running loose, shame really, as I wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse any of these lovely animals on a daily basis. Earlier this year, a group of friends and R2 visited a historical museum of Canadian wildlife, in Ottawa, Ontario. On our way there, one of my friends who emigrated to Canada,  as a young child stated that he was determined to see a moose…I naively stated, “oh yea at the museum there probably will be tonnes of statues etc”. But to my surprise he’s response was, “oh no no, I’m hoping to see one as we drive to Ottawa. Maybe even trying to cross the road! There are signs every once in awhile by the side of the road. So today will be that day!”.  I’ll be honest with you.. I was scared from that point on (haha). As much as I love animals, I’m not so sure that I would like to encounter a moose literally on the loose.. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Are there any famous Canadians?!?!

I mean like really? I get it, Hollywood is huge and is majorly american, but some of our favourite celebrities ARE Canadian…of course. Ryan Reynolds (whoop whoop), Céline Dion, Ryan gosling, Neil Young, Rachel Mcadams, Jim Carrey, Bryan Adams, Michael Bublé (we definitely can’t forget him)  and the list goes on. We are pretty good at making a name for ourselves. Yes there are times when movies that are made up of a predominantly Canadian cast, don’t always get as much acknowledgement or attention, as we would like, but hey we still have skills. Don’t count us out just yet, we have some tricks up our friendly, non-threatening sleeves.


To sum it up

We may just be generalizing when it comes to the perception of being Canadian, there are always misconceptions about groups of people, nationalities and cultures. In Canada, we pride ourselves on our openness and laid back sense of being, we are a group of people who embrace our uniqueness and celebrate the fact that we all come from so many varying backgrounds. personally we are extremely proud to be Canadian and what it stands for. We just have to keep in mind, that you can’t make assumptions about people, until you fully walk in their shoes.

But for now, That was a little R&R.

Until next time xox



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