To Have A Resolution, or Not to Have A Resolution?

Well hello there 2018, how you doing? Every year it’s the same dribble, we aim to lose more weight, to drink less wine (is that a thing?!?), to save more money and the list goes on. We all know that by January 15th or February 1st, if we’re being generous- it has gone to pot. So what IS the point anyway?! But in all seriousness, it may not actually be sooo bad…Here’s a list we compiled of 18 reasons why New Year’s resolutions should still be a thing in 2018. You’ll thank us.  



Take stock: Making a list of things you would like to achieve or change for the upcoming year or in general, allows us to have a look at the current things we don’t like or want to improve in our lives. They say that you are more likely to achieve a goal when you put it down on paper, your phone etc. As long as you have it “in writing” somewhere, it will help you to hold yourself accountable, even if it’s for half of the year…or the first 2-3 months. Change doesn’t have to always be bad or good or even significantly life changing, it simply has to move away from where it currently is. Some small changes take time, but after a couple years it amounts to something EPIC!


Gratitude: Having resolutions allows us to be grateful for the things we do have in our lives. It gives us time, to sit back and assess what we have. It tells us that, despite our current situation, we do still have things which we should/could all be grateful and appreciative for. After all- sometimes seeing our lives on paper, shows us that we HAVE done and experienced some pretty cool things. Really though, if we don’t allow ourselves to be grateful for what we do have, how can we make space for the things we WANT in our lives?


Goals: Ain’t nothing wrong with having a goal or two or three or… sometimes a final target can seem so far off, having goals along the way offers a “mini break”, but also gives you the opportunity to have lots of little celebrations of the targets you achieve along the way. Giving you time to pat yourself on the back and continue on your journey, no matter which one you choose to follow.


Speak your truth:  They often say vocalizing your dreams, helps to realise them, whether that’s entirely true is to be debated, but what is for sure are the number of people who agree that speaking their dreams out loud help to give space for their realities. Whether you are a list maker or your go all out with collages and vision boards, having a focused idea of what you would like to achieve can never be a bad thing.



Set a deadline: Giving yourself a timeline of when you’d like to meet your goals is a good way to keep you accountable, keeps you on track to achieving your goals and it helps you to push yourself, and the results can surprise you. Another reason having a time period can give you the opportunity to reward yourself along the way, and let’s face it, what is a better motivation than reasons to celebrate anything!?!


Start Small: You don’t have to come up with long, super complicated resolutions. One of the reasons resolutions tend to not work, is because we start with huge life changing lists of things we’d like to change and pretty soon, we become overwhelmed with the scale of what we’d like to do. Starting small and compartmentalize the things you’d like to achieve and setting smaller goals, get you on your way to your bigger goal. It’s far easier to win lots of little battles, than aiming to win the war. 


Pretty It Up: As two sisters who are healthily addicted to stationary and anything that goes with, we LOVE any opportunity to pull some pretty pens and even prettier paper! So, if you’re going to track your goals and progress- why not make it visually pleasing to the eye? Duh! How are you supposed to keep track if it’s in your head or if it’s on some basic white piece of paper? Don’t be afraid to pimp it up!



New Discoveries: Making resolutions forces you outside of your comfort zone or your little box of musts. It allows you to discover more about yourself., because you never know who the hidden you truly is, until you take a chance.


Be Specific: Having clear, concise and specific dreams allows you to be focused in what you want to achieve- so nobody gets it twisted. Don’t be afraid to be as detailed as you need to be, this way it makes it more real and less of a fictional idea. For example, By April 2018, I would like to be working out 2-3 times a week and have lost 10-15lbs- this is far more specific than the overused “lose weight”.


Break It Down: While some resolutions can be achieved faster and easier than others, it may help to do your research regarding- preparation (it doesn’t hurt…much). It kills the spontaneity vibe, but it’s all good. Part of your goals may be some of the little “movements” you have to make before the actual resolution. For example, you may want to stop smoking, in order to be much more successful at quitting and keeping it that way- you may need to see a professional; in certain cases- it can only HELP you in your success. This is especially true for dietary resolutions, like before you go ahead with eliminating a certain food or genre of food, having back up snacks or options can never be a bad thing…you never know when a snacking crave will hit.


Who Dis?: Lets face it, we tend to make our resolutions, and lose ourselves in them. For once, we should try to discover more about ourselves, and see who WE truly are. You may discover that there’s a new, or hidden you that has yet to be revealed. So start the year off by learning more about you, that can’t be too hard..right?! 



Have A Little Help From My Friends: As appealing or unappealing resolutions may seem, having a wing person can make all the difference in actually accomplishing your goals. So, instead of losing those extra 20lbs on your own in your room, how about taking a couple of classes with your bestie. It gives you a reason to leave the house, another bonding moment and you’re working towards your goal. Or if you want to save money, how about a group of you do a money challenge? Making a competition out of it- keeps you driven (because no one wants to lose), but at the same time it becomes a collective effort.


Have Some Fun: Yes, yes, resolutions are meant to focus you, keeping your eyes on the prize or prizes, but life is also short and we can’t all have steeled eyed focus like the Rock, most of us who aren’t robots need some down time (am I right?). Finding fun ways to work towards your target keeps it fresh, but also allows you to have fun while you do it. Whether working out to a dance video or finding creative ways to get to know yourself, if you’re not having fun while doing it, then you’re probably less likely to keep up with it.


Don’t Whimp Out: As previously stated the majority of us will probably forget the word resolution by the 15th of January, but you have to ask yourself- are you giving up too easily? This or these goals are obviously things you’d like to improve on or cut out of your life, how will you know if it will better serve you if you quit before really committing? Of course in 365 days there will be lulls and there will be highs, but don’t wallow if you stop- tomorrow is always a new day, get up and continue on with your target. You gots this!



Ain’t No Body Got Time!: Set aside time every day, week or month to dedicate to your resolution- in certain cases, it doesn’t even have to be a lot of time, 5 minutes can be enough. We know we are all busy (insert eye roll), but do you really need to be trolling Facebook for the 19th time in the last hour? Maybe that time can be better spent on something else. Dedicating time, space and energy on a regular basis is what changes it from a resolution to an actual way of life.


Don’t Play: Trust me, if I could have Beyonce’s curves, with Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” abs…I’m there! But I have to be honest with myself and grasp the hard fact that I have a 5’1 frame and with no amount of training or working out- will I look like that. Having dreams, ideals and fantasies are healthy, but we need to taper them with reality. If we don’t have an honest and open look at ourselves in order to actually MEET those goals because we have unrealistic goals, then no can do- they will never be met.


Word To Your Mother: Normally when we set goals and resolutions, we look at it from a negative viewpoint, such as losing weight, getting out of debt ect. The language used is negative, of course because it is things we don’t like and would like to change. Changing our wording and using positive phrasing, can help to keep you upbeat even if you are not on target with your progress. Use words like “I want to be healthier, fitter, stronger”, “I want financial freedom”- you would be surprised how positive words of affirmation can help to improve your mood, but also help to change the way you assess your “progress”, because after all- it can be measured in many ways.



Don’t Sweat It: No matter your plans/goals and whether you meet them as per the targets you set for yourself, at the end of the day, life happens. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you don’t achieve them. Understand that life ebbs and flows, it has its ups and downs- some days we’re up and other’s we’re down. So on the days you feel you haven’t met your targets- give yourself a break. Tomorrow is always a new day, to start again and to re-set your targets. So, do your best and what you can and try, try again the next day.



Whew! With that being said: Here are OUR NY Eve Resolutions:


  • Focus on my photography (
  • Journal More
  • Be healthier (including the age old working out more)
  • Eat less meat (yes, you’ve read that correctly.
  • Get another tattoo
  • Get back to me


  • Write more to-dos (what can I say, I’m a visual person)
  • Read more books 
  • Be more open to change 
  • Let go of the things that I cannot change 
  • Do a bit more artwork 

What are some of the things you’d like to work on our improve for the New Year? We’d love to hear from you, until next time- R1 & R2.


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