The December Roundup

Phew! I survived the holiday season in one piece; managed to not stuff myself or eat my body weight in stuffing. 😀 #winning. Although, I have been feeling a lot less motivated than per usual and with the weather being unbearably cold (I’m talking -26, but feeling like –why do I LIVE here again?!?) making it kinda impossible to take photos, but! I did manage to squeeze a few in! Hope you enjoy them!


Diamond Snow

Diamond Snow.jpg

The older I get, I realised just how much I don’t like the season, that being said, nature does give you a gorgeous canvas to work with, so I guess I shouldn’t complain!


IMG_9371Bauble, Beads

Shooting Christmas trees, as appealing and beautiful as they are- can be difficult as it’s a balance of light and darkness, but they are so pretty and emotive of the holidays, there was no way I wouldn’t try to grab a few shots.















Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a baker, it’s not that I’m not good at it- I just don’t like the clean up, if I’m being honest. Needless to say, the girls in the family had a get together to prep and bake the desserts for Christmas- here are some of the shots. I opted for the easiest option of making a caramel cheese cake #winning.





A quick snap, from my balcony door, the weather didn’t let up, I just sucked it up- opened the door and dealt with the cold for the 4 shots it took to get this one. You can never go wrong with snow on a pine tree, classic, timeless and oh so very wintry. #allthefeels

Furry Cheeks

Furry Cheeks

Being cooped up inside gives me limited “subjects” to photograph, so my unwilling family usually then bears the brunt of my camera in their faces. Anyways, throughout the day, there are many little moments, we may deem “unimportant”, but that are still worth capturing- case in point, this shot. Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to just be still and be assured that a moment will make its way to me, instead of me “fabricating” the shot. Often, I’m embarrassed or shy to pull my camera out in public because I don’t want the attention it may draw. (Don’t worry, I am working on it). Despite that, you hear about the difficulties working with animals and children- hence the look my cat was giving me at the time- what a lucky shot. (^-人-^)



Ontario Fields.jpg

Ontario Fields

Recently, I’ve had to make a trip (or three…long story) to Ottawa, though it was too cold (and illegal) to stop and take photos of the gorgeous country of ours, I tried to take a few quick-fire-on-the-move shots. Kinda proud of how this one turned out, especially as I didn’t have much time to “adjust” the camera for the shot. 


I’m hoping the weather will lay off for a bit so that I can take a walk and capture winter in more detail, the only part that I do enjoy about this freeze, is the detail we don’t usually spot in the cold.

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