2017: Our Best Bits


Looking back on the year we have had…and what a year it’s been! Journey with us as we list our best bits, the moments which stand out in our 2017.

R2’s Best Bits:

OH MY GOODNESS! Where to begin when it comes to 2017…let’s work a bit backwards… just because I can 😀 …

  • University Part 2 1/2

    Getting through 1/2 of my second year in University would by far have to be at the top of my list. Year two has challenged me in so many ways; I found myself feeling overwhelmed, wanting to scream and hibernate. But when I realized that I didn’t get where I am today by giving up, then the reality that nothing in life is ever easy to achieve.


  • Big Brother’s Wedding

    Our big brother kinda set the stage for our 2017. His wedding had both R1 and I crying like babies, we could barely film it on our phones without shaking… #sobfest. It was so sweet to see the kindness and genuine love that my brother and his wife have for one another. It definitely sets the bar high, for us siblings to follow within our own lives.. Thanks a lot…not 😛 #sorrynotsorry

  • Finding a Balance

    2017 definitely challenged my strength, the love and patience I was not aware that I had inside of me. I truly feel as if my heart grew in 2017 and it has so much more to go within 2018. This may sound all too cryptic to you, but that’s OK lol, I know what I’m talking about, and the people closest to me probably get it as well…(if they don’t.. this just got awcks, cuz I’m riding solo on this one haha).

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R1’s Best Bits:

Ahhh! The year has legit flown by! But it has also come with so many lessons, it’s made me more comfortable with the woman I see in the mirror.

  • Big Bro’s Wedding

    My big brother FINALLY became a hubby in 2017, with him and his new wife hosting a PARTAY of a wedding and when we say PARTAY- we mean it. Lots of fun was had, let’s just say mommy and daddy had a night out! Whoop whoop! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

  • Bestie getting married AND becoming a mom

IMG_2923What a year it been for my ride or die this year (check out our previous blog post about how much they mean to us), not only did I get to witness AND photograph her wedding, I pulled off the biggest feat of planning and successfully surprising her at her Baby Shower and I got to see her become a mother for the first time! Let’s just say lots and lots of happy tears were shed. Lord knows I can ugly cry…

  • Neveah’s 4th Birthday:

My munchkin turned F-O-U-R years old this year!! I cannot put into words just how overwhelming it is to think that a mere four years ago at this time, she was not even in my thought process! Fast-forward to now, she’s a talkative, rambunctious, cheeky, too smart for her own good, funny little girl. I CANNOT imagine my life without her and without the things that being her mother has taught me about myself. ❤

Jodie’s Visit:

My awesome friend came for a visit from England, this past March- it was such a blast to catch up and reminisce and to remember why I love her so! We went to the Cider Festival, had the tough job of tasting said ciders, we took lots of mini trips around Montreal and even got tattoos together #twinning! I can’t wait to meet up with her in 2018 and see what other adventures we’ll get up to!



Not a specific event, but the combination of all the things that brought joy and happiness, whether big or small, trying to focus more on the moments which we normally forget and ignore as they aren’t “life events”, but I see the importance of relishing the connections we make throughout the years- they make the tapestry of our lives.





What were some of the pinnacle moments, in your 2017 and what are you looking forward to in 2018? We love hearing from you!

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