Top 5 TV shows you NEED in your life…OK MAYBE more than 5


Disclaimer: We are total TV junkies, R2 more so than anyone in our family, but there is NOTHING we love more than catching up, chatting  and brainstorming over the latest cliffhanger or jaw dropping scenes from our favourite shows. We do not discriminate, we love action, mystery, romance and every once in a while a little bit cheesy television. So get comfortable, take notes and see if we share some of the same TV obsessions.


R1’s TOP Picks:

1- THIS IS US: Believe the hype. It’s subtle, heartwarming and full of love. It’s not a television show that will leave you speechless from its twists and turns, but it will leave you cuddling a box of Kleenex re-evaluating the relationships in your life. It discusses race, identity, adoption, body image and the incidents in our childhood which shape us as adults. It is filled with emotion and honesty without overzealous lines- though our lives may not be as complicated- for me, it shines light on the tough choices we might make throughout our journey through this life, unaware of the impact it may have on our children and their future choices. Maybe it’s *cough* maturity, but I need this show in my life and it’s not because of my DEEP love for Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore…but more of Milo (please…)

2- WISDOM OF THE CROWD: This program is very 2017/2018, about a social media platform, built to solve crimes using user generated content. I find it very mentally stimulating as it raises some very interesting dilemmas about social media, ethics and how visceral the internet can be when it comes to people’s lives and reputation. It’s engaging, emotional, with just the right amount of “tech lingo”. I haven’t heard much buzz about it, which might mean it’ll get the chop soon, but as it’s still on the screens, I think it’s worth the watch- if not for the thought-provoking subject matter.


3- SHE’S GOT TO HAVE IT: This “TV” version of Spike Lee’s original joint, this Netflix show pushes the envelope on traditional TV shows, it raises very current and “hot button” issues regarding Black culture and looks internally at assumptions we make within the Black community. For someone who finds herself severely lacking in the depth of “Black” culture, this show does a great job of providing “education” (not sure it was their goal) on important figures in Black history- not the usual 7-10 we hear about around Black History Month. There’s a lot of sex at the beginning, which is probably in order to ‘hook” the viewer, but after a few episodes it dives much deeper into serious subject matters, such as how we treat our homeless, colourism, assault, female sexuality and her control over her body. I am glad I gave it a chance, because it left me with topics to think about and analyse about myself- which I think it a great thing. Even more exciting is that it’s recently been picked up for a 2nd season, so there is more to come; I 100% recommend this show. 


4- HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: I know what you’re probably thinking…this is yet another show JAM-PACKED with drama, twists and turns- and it is (I’m not going to lie to you), but this one is different. Firstly, it’s part of Shondaland, who if you don’t already know is the creator of Grey’s Anatomy & Scandal- a writing and creative guru. Yes, it will leave you on the EDGE of your seat and sometimes scratching your head, but the sheer brilliance of it’s creator is why I will fully support this show. Viola Davis is captivating and infuriating all at the same time, her flaws and rawness is real- she like any of us- not like the picture perfect characters we are used to seeing. Simply witnessing her meltdowns (and there are many), you realise just how EPIC of an actress she is, but also just how complex the human condition is. My bestie and I have a discussion breaking down after every episode, regarding what we just watched, in case we saw it differently. The WAY the story lines are told and eventually played out, makes you constantly re-think and then overthink EVERY THING and basically realise you had no idea what went down. I enjoy this show for it’s plot twists and for its ability to keep me on my toes and as an avid television consumer, that can be tough, because I’ve pretty seen it all…lol.

5- JANE THE VIRGIN: I know this show isn’t new to the scene and I jumped on the bandwagon like 2 years too late, but this comedy is as dramatic as it is heartwarming. It jumps head on into issues like immigration, classism and single parenthood, but does so with a family whose love is unwavering, supporting and witty. I have been warmly surprised by how much I enjoy this show and equally surprised by my crush and respect for Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni. Their commitment to hiring mainly Latino actors and elevating the conversation regarding breaking down the cultural, gender and racial barriers in the film and television industry is inspiring. In their private lives they work with and run organisations  which raise the conversations and awareness of issues touched on in the show- it can only be applauded.


6-  THE CROWN: I may be a tad late to the party, but boy am I glad I showed up! In the wake of Harry & Megan’s recent engagement &  Katherine’s 3rd pregnancy, everyone has been bitten by Royal fever. This show shows the interpersonal conflicts and speculated complications of our reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, though it is a fictional program, it touches on a lot real events and situations. It is created by the BBC and they don’t do things in 1/2’s so you can be pretty sure that some of these events can and have been verified. The imagery and acting by Claire Foy is honestly bar none, her ability to convey the feelings of a woman who is torn between her family and her duties as Queen is exemplary.  I watched 1 episode and was hooked, in one night I had watched 3 episodes without batting an eye (lightweight for the serious Netflix fiends, but epic for me). This show is intriguing, captivating and very well shot and acted out, and offers some rare insight on what it might actually be like to be part of the Royal family, a group of people who are steeped in traditions- the conflict is scintillating. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

7-ELEMENTARY: The age old partnership of Sherlock & Watson revisited yet again, but I’ll tell you why this one matters. Watson is a female of Asian decent (you do NOT see that everyday), Sherlock a highly intelligent, egocentric NYPD consultant with a substance abuse problem. Best of all, for once a male and female character who do NOT have romantic feelings for each other, they are friends and work colleague, but the line is NEVER crossed. I appreciate that, because I can list you countless shows where this is central to most stories, the “will they/won’t they” plot…boring! This show is sharp and witty (it’s partly British, so it is not to be a surprise), the crimes are realistic and based on actual crimes, there are no over-zealous car chases and tons of things blowing up- it is classy (though it’s about murders and crimes), all the while it is mentally stimulating and every once in a while it makes you chuckle at Sherlock’s bizarre behaviours. They tend to not have as many episodes as we’re used to (forgive them, they’re British),  but what you do have- is entertaining.


R2’s TOP Picks:

1-  OUTLANDER: OH MY GOODNESS! I’ve always been a sucker for history type shows. I’m not quite sure what it is, about them that makes me feel as if I’m right there in those scenes with my favourite characters, but it sweeps me away big time! This show is all about time travel, to unforeseen love stories, to historical moments, with a bit of a romantic twist. Maybe it’s because I’m currently reading the book series (I’m on the 3rd one!), but I can’t get enough.. I do find myself screaming when I realize that I have to wait a full WEEK until I see Claire and Jamie all over again. (hehe).      

2- THIS IS US: What more do I have to say?! R1 just took the words RIGHT out of my mouth 😀

3- NCIS LA: Oh my, oh my. What can I say? I find myself always coming back for more. Not because of the reasons that my dear mother gives, “ Oh I love that LL Cool J. Momma said knock you out!”, but simply because, they keep surprising me with how they handle that love story that they’ve recently decided to develop. Oh Kensi and Deeks, what would this show be without you? Like seriously, how can you NOT find yourself laughing at Eric Christian Olsen’s character!? The man’s hilarious, always has been, and always will be. Sorry no description needed, y’all just gotta check it out for yourselves sorry not sorry!


4- ARROW: I know, I know…DC…Marvel…Comic books etc. I’m a sucker for a corny, action-filled story line. I’ll admit, I left Arrow behind for a season and a half, but now I’m right back on the DC bandwagon. They really know how to capture an audience, so if you’re looking for a show with action, drama, and a bit of romance when the time is right, this is the show for you. OH and tonnes of leather, and crossovers…and superheroes…and cool stunts.

5- THE BRAVE: Alright…This is still a TBD on my list of top TV shows. I recently got into this one, after seeing a preview and then watching the pilot; after being left on the edge,  I wanted to see more! They really know how to hook a viewer, man (lol). This is all about your typical black ops government agency who basically saves the (you guessed it) US before something can hit the “Land of the free and the home of the brave”. I may or may not just have a bit of a crush on Mr. Mike Vogel.. (hehe) but that’s a minor detail.


6- RIVERDALE: ARCHIE ALL THE WAY! With a twist of on the classic Archie comics. Thriller, suspense, high school love story, and the works. From the typical story of high school cliques, to breaking those boundaries to work together to solve the mystery of who killed whom. It definitely keeps you engaged, that’s for sure.

7- SCORPION: Nerds, Science, non-fiction? (depending on the day) Love stories, and the regular corny., predictable TV stuff. I’m a bit of a sucker for the corny stuff, especially when it involves a little bit of tasteful comedy.


Do you agree with us? What shows can you NOT live without? Share them and let us know of our choices!

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