January Roundup

Other than the fact that January is the time for “renewal” and “renewed hope”, I don’t like January- it’s cold, bitter, a long month…yea, yea- I’m grumbling, the only thing that keeps me positive is that fact that with every passing day, we get more minutes of daylight! With the bitterly cold weather reaching temperatures like -35 with the windchill, it’s been tricky to capture shots of our winter wonderland…but I’m trying to make due and reduce the hibernation…somewhat.


Icicle Bundle

“Icicle Bundle”

Our weather was bitter cold one day, mild the next and freezing rain the day after- making it somewhat tricky to to plan photo ops, but I’m made a promise with myself to look out for and try to photograph more “everyday” moments. This was one of them.



When we got pounded with 10-15 cms of snow, it acted as a lovely backdrop to get lots of pretty snowy shots. I’m working on trying to get sharp shots of the falling snow, maybe on our next snow fall.



“Frozen Needles”Frozen Needles

After snow, a couple of days later, we had freezing rain! Very temperamental…trust me! It was extremely slippery and a bit difficult getting some up close shots, but from the comfort of my balcony- it wasn’t laziness, it provided a great vantage point. Lol.

Iced Sunset.jpg

“Icy Sunset”

As we chisel further into the year, allowing us more daylight- we’ve witnessed some gorgeous sunsets. On my way home, after parking up, getting my daughter out of the car- I bend down to help her out and caught this view from the side of my eye.  Changing your view can really shake things up! I’m actually very proud of this shot, which is saying a lot as I usually can find fault in everything I shoot.

Lifestyle Photography Twitter

“Word Press Banner”

I’ve been working on trying to update the blog, working on adding more content and working on making it look less skeletal (#thestruggleisreal). I took this shot the summer before last and thought it would make a lovely banner. Hope you like the edit, because well…I do, especially the detail.



We had unusually mild weather the other day, while on my way to the car, I noticed the flicker of sunlight through the ice and took this shot. This is one of the reasons I love nature photography, you never know what you’ll get, but nature sure hands us a lovely canvas to capture!


I have to admit, for someone who is increasingly hating winter, I stuck to my target of taking my camera out with, in order to capture more “everyday” moments and I have good bit of photos to show for it. I will admit that having the target of posting a blog about it every month does help- lol. Hopefully it’s worth, let me know what you guys think…see you next month!

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