Five Beauty Brands We Can’t Live Without


I will attest to LOVING a good makeup tutorial and follow an ever increasing list of makeup bloggers or makeup companies, but don’t ask me to recreate the looks or give you a review on the best makeup products…We took a peek into our makeup bags and wanted to share the ones which we swear by and maybe find some new surprising discoveries.



I’m normally a “wash and go” kind of girl, I don’t make the time in the am to restructure my face- it’s not on the top of my list. But! Every once in a while, I get inspired and I decide to slap some makeup on, to restore faith that I am not an alien…I kid… I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I tend to use products which I know are hypoallergenic or at least not perfumed, I will openly state that I do not buy L’Oreal products, (though it pains me), due to the fact that they still “technically” test their products on animals- this is a deal breaker for me. Saying that- I would be lying if I said that I looked into the full police report of research on each brand I use, I generally keep it simple- no testing on animals, hypoallergenic and generally embraces and promotes diversity.


1- Patrick Starr for Mac Lip liner– As previously stated, I’m not that person who applies a tub full of makeup, I’m not about that life, but for my birthday my bestie bought me Patrick Starr’s Lip Liner and I have to fully admit that I was 100% impressed with this! It did take me a couple minutes to inquire why I needed a lip liner, but after a few Instagram video viewings; I had it locked in! It’s so smooth and glides on to your lips so easily- I was actually surprised when I first used it. Considering it was the 1st time I had applied lip liner, it was extremely easy to do and no, I didn’t snap a selfie because I’m allergic.


2- MakeUp Forever Lipstick– I have a lot of lipsticks and it’s become a slight addiction, plus I always seem to buy the same colours (small details). Recently, I bought this brand as I went in originally to buy a purple lipstick…I failed on this one. I’d heard a lot about this brand from lots of beauty bloggers, so I decided to give it a go! The application was so smooth and it lasts pretty much all day, even when you eat! Bonus is that it doesn’t transfer on to my teeth! At the time of writing up this blog post, I couldn’t find the lipstick (I suspect a precocious 4 year old, has something to do with that…which is why it’s not photographed.)

3- Vernon Francois Hair Products- I have to admit that upon seeing the prices of this line, I was slightly hesitant to take the plunge, especially if I didn’t do what it said on the tin. But! To my delight, this changed my hair! Literally upon the 1st use of the hair mist, the definition of my curls and its appearance was so defined, I was in awe. I could actually say my curls were on on point! It kept my hair not only moisturized upon use that day, but I didn’t have to apply again for sometimes 2 days! Honestly, it’s my best buy of the last couple of months!


4- Lancome Foundation– I will fully and unabashedly admit to the fact that as soon as Lupita N’uango was named as a spokesperson for this brand a while back- I was in. Yes, it was probably a marketing ploy and yes there are other brands which pledges diversity in their foundation colours, but this for me and for my colour- was the 1st. I had never ventured to find my foundation colour as there was never any point- I knew the colours would never work. So, for me, this was a massive game changer in my make up journey.

5- Olay Gentle Clean Face Wipes- I’m not going to lie, sometimes I legit cannot be bothered to wash my makeup of, mostly because I forget I have it on. But! When I do wear it, I’m a wipe person. I rarely use a face wash or a cleanser. Don’t judge. I did warn you, I live that low key life. I used to use the hypoallergenic wipes from Marcelle, but I’m slowly becoming my mother and bought Olay’s face wipe and have been pleasantly surprised. It left my face feeling clean, I didn’t have to scrub my face off in the process- #bonus.


Biggest Product Surprise?

Aveeno Fresh Essentials Face Cream– I thought like their sunscreen, their face cream would be thick and somewhat hard to apply, and would leave my face with the dreaded white cream syndrome. To my surprise, it was the very opposite, you don’t need a lot, one simple pump is enough for full face and next coverage. It kept my face moisturized throughout the day and three weeks in; with 0 breakouts to speak of so far. So, it was very much work the higher price point you normally pay for Aveeno products.



OK! I’m probably THE most boring person when it comes to makeup. I used to wear foundation for the areas of my face where my skin is a bit discoloured, (thank you eczema…you suck sometimes). But I’ll have to admit, since I’ve stopped using foundation on my face, it surprisingly feels smoother…(I’m not sure what that’s about). I still occasionally use some mascara, lipstick etc.


1- Nivea Body Cream- OH MY GOODNESS. Nivea, Nivea, Nivea. You come in so many different scents, that I may just be obsessed :O. You are my number one pick for my spontaneously dry skin, and I thank you for that.

2- St Ives Body Cream- I love me some simple, body and face cream that has a little perfume type scent to it. With my eczema, there are only so many creams that my body can handle. I’ll be honest though, I’m a bit of a floater.. meaning that I will use one type of body cream one month, and a different one the next.. SORRY NOT SORRY!

3- EOS Lip Gloss- Ok. Do you guys remember when EOS was the most popular chapstick out there? Well I’ll admit it, I fell right onto that bandwagon like everyone else. Unfortunately, like some who came out and admitted that their lips would chap even though they had the chapstick on, I experienced this from time to time. So I discovered that I had to alternate between using EOS and another chapstick brand (c’est la vie).

Image result for burt's bees

4- Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss- Burt’s is my new found go to! We go together like peanut butter and jelly! Or more so like, lips and chapstick. Anywho, I can’t even tell you how I fell upon this brand, but it has been a serious life saver this past winter for my lovely lips. I have yet to try all of theses colourful flavours, but I CAN say, that I’ve enjoyed Vanilla Bean and the Original.

5- Forever 21: High Shine Lip Gloss- You know when you try a particular product, and you don’t want to put it down?! That’s basically how I am with their Taupe coloured lip gloss, and I don’t want try anything else!

Biggest Product Surprise?

Eucerin: Aquaphor, Healing Ointment- I had never seen this little tube before, until my dermatologist suggested it. Its got just about everything I’ve been looking for. It’s not too liquidy, it’s not too stiff, it’s just right (Wow I feel like Goldilocks and the three bears lol).


What are some of your beauty finds?! Don’t be a stranger, we’re curious to know! For now, that’s been a little RnR.

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