February Roundup

Say what?!!?! Where has the actual time began?! I feel like I was just making my NYE resolutions yesterday.


I am so so happy and kinda proud of this shot! I literally captured it quickly on the morning run. I really love the way the light and blue skies shows the details in the ice. The contrast of colours are calling me. #proudofmyself




“All Smiles”

This cheeky little monkey is my four-going-on-fourteen-year-old daughter. I try not to post images of her on social media, but every once in a while I just can’t help myself…I mean…look at her! Luckily, it’s the one moment she was actually standing still, allowing me to take this shot! #bonus





“Mini Snow Mountains”

We were hit with so much snow this past month, it was beautiful but also irritating. A Saturday morning, during a break from the snow downpour, I look out at our outdoor table and noticed the way the snow make an interesting pattern through the grates of the table. Nature can really surprise us sometimes.



The good part of having lots of snow is the way it looks on some of the plants and shines a different perspective or creates a different “look”. Believe it or not, this was a lovely plant in the summer, which barely survived my black thumb. That being said, peeking from a lower angle, I thought this looked really nice.





Yet another, lucky-on-the-morning-run shots. Coming off the back of a whopping amount of snow, the next day was mild with lovely blue skies. I love the watermark in the shot and was actually playing it up a but. I love when the streak of light creates such beautiful imagery.

I have to say, I’m very proud of my haul this month, I’ve stuck by my resolution to take more shots, be less critical and simply post more is well under way! Happy February!


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