The Story Behind Our Blog Name


Shocker! Based on the name of our blog; we are sisters…nice to meet you! There isn’t an elaborate origin story or even a funny one, the story behind how we came up with our name was more out of simplicity and spoke to what we are…sisters.

Sister, Sister

Back in September, out of the blue my sister (R2) looked over to me and asked, “Hey, have you ever thought about blogging?“, I looked over at her surprised, “Umm, no it’s never crossed my mind“, “I think you should, you have a way with words and you’re a really good writer, so I think it would be good. If you want, we can do it together.” “Ok, sure, we can give it a go!” And that, is how we began our blog.


Simple enough, but for our name on the other hand- it was a bit more complex; we mulled over lots of names, some far too tacky to post here, but we knew we wanted something to do with sisterhood, because well….we ARE sisters after all. Though R1 hadn’t seen the film My Sister’s Keeper, we both agreed that the sentiment behind doing all that you can for your sibling(s), was how we felt about each other. So we decided to go for it, the name happened to have already been taken (no surprise there), so the next move was to add R as both our names begin with the letter R; and so My Sister’s Keeper: RnR began!

Pretty Corners

Because at the end of the day- that’s what we are, each other’s keeper. I don’t know how much R2 knows this, but I feel like starting this blog helped save me. In the last year, I have felt somewhat lost and emotional, with no real way to focus or compartmentalize my feelings. Starting the blog, helped me discuss my feelings or opinions on subjects which affected me, but also served as a major emotional outlet- one that I didn’t know I needed. Thanks sis!


Though, it would be EPIC for our blog to be MAJOR, for the moment, we are enjoying blogging and working together creatively on different projects- touching on the subjects which affect our lives. Have you been enjoying our blog so far? Let us know what you think about our name!

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