Grateful: 10 Things We’re Grateful For


In the moment, when poop hits the fan and we’re feeling down, it’s so easy to become wrapped up in all the things we’re not happy with in our lives and focus on the things that’s got us down. It is because we’re down that it’s really important for us to take stock and look at what you REALLY have. Resetting our perspective, allows us to realise (or “really eyes
according to mini R1 😉 ) just how blessed we may really be. A couple of years ago we each created a gratitude jar, in which we were to write something we were grateful for on that day. Let me tell you, it was hard, especially on the bad days, but looking back after the year had finished, you begin to realise just HOW much you do have. So! Explore with us on the mini version of our gratitude jars-the ten things we are grateful for.

R2’s Grateful List:

1-Family: There are times when I want to kill them…I won’t lie, they can be a pain in the butt. But the ONE thing I can count on, is them being there for one another when we need it the most.


2-The Squad: I was just talking to one of my oldest friends about this the other day. I openly classify myself as a floater. I have friends that I can go to when I just need a shoulder to lean on, an open ear with sound advice on the other and I have friends who I go to, to give me a joke and make light of situations. I know where I stand with my friends, that I don’t feel as if I’m alone, because I know who will be there for me in my time of need. We have blogged about this previously, on our post entitled Our Ride Or Dies– #shoutouttoourbesties

3-Opportunities: I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue higher education. It’s a pain in the butt to trek all the way downtown for school and spend 80,000 hours studying my brains out, but I have the chance to make something with the degree that I WANT.


4- Health: I don’t like to tell very many people this, but I have a severe peanut allergy. There are times when I’m out with people and they tell me; “Oh it must really suck that you can’t eat this, or that, because it says may contain, or it may have come into contact with nuts”. To be honest, I don’t think that I’m really missing out that much lol. With this allergy, I have had the chance to try new foods that I probably would not have taken a second glance at, because they are substitutes for nuts. The allergy is a part of me, but it is NOT me. I’m me…if that makes sense.

5-Inspiration: I occasionally have these bursts of inspiration, where I decide to bake, cook, draw and so forth. I’m so happy that I feel inspired enough to explore another side of myself, that gets stifled with my busy life. When these spurts of inspiration come, I grab them by the horns and dive right into the world of my imagination #dontjudge.


6-Imagination: I’m grateful that when I find myself digging into a new book, I can’t help but imagine every detail of the characters’ faces, surroundings and personalities. I know that is the author’s sole purpose, to create a written world for a reader to explore, but I find myself imaging these characters as if they were real people and I could envision them walking the streets in my big old city…is that weird? #wildimagination


7-Life: I think we forget to stop and breathe. Life goes by so fast that we don’t always stop to be grateful for just being us, being alive, being able to do the things we do. I feel as if this year has been going by much faster than I expected, that I just feel the need to stop, and breathe it in sometimes.

8-Procrastination: I know I know. This is such a weird thing to be thankful for. But I feel that there are times when I just work SO MUCH better when I’m under pressure. I like to distract myself with multiple things to do at the same time that I’m performing this one important task. These minor distractions only work for a short time, until I REALLY need to crack down on what’s important and “get err done!” If it matters, I excel every time, but procrastination may just be my middle name..

9-Listen: I’m so grateful that I have found a way to lend a good ear. Over my 22 years on this earth, I’ve taught myself to be a good listener. And with my ability to listen to others, I’ve learnt when its ok to give your two cents and when you’re just needed as a body to absorb what others need to let out. It’s not always easy being the one that listens, but with listening comes the ability to have patience when you need it most.

10-Books: I can’t tell you just how GRATEFUL I am for BOOKS! We get to experience a whole new world, away from the hustle and bustle of the one before us. We get to fall in love with characters that are very unrealistic to the people we meet from day to day, but that’s a VERY minor detail. Who wouldn’t want a break from reality and the chance to imagine that they are someone else, or even “experiencing” life through someone else life?


R1’s Grateful List:

1- Moving: Over the last couple of weeks, as the days approached for my move halfway across the world, I have become somewhat overwhelmed with the prospect of all the losses I am experiencing. But, if I were to simply change my outlook and really break it down, having the opportunity, much less being able to AFFORD to move is something to be grateful for. Yes, saying goodbye will be tough; but having the opportunity to start again and live a calming and less stressful lifestyle (hopefully)- I cannot be down about that.

2- Health: When it comes down to it, this is one of the BIGGEST things to be grateful for. I am healthy, alive and breathing. I may have things I’d like to “change” on my body or things I’m not happy with, but I am healthy. This is something we tend to lose perspective on and only seem to realise just HOW impactful this is, until we get sick. Our bodies go through so much on a daily basis, every moment we end the day in one piece is worth celebrating, especially driving on our Montreal roads- snap! We mention this in a previous blog post (10 things which make Montreal “unique”) TRUST ME- this city is full of aggressive drivers!!!


3- Photography: It’s not something I boast or talk about to many people, even though I have been a photographer for over a decade (I’m old!), but realistically HOW luck am I that I can do something I enjoy. Having the equipment, the tools, the time and even the opportunity to shoot and craft the photos I like attached to my “brand” or “photography” is definitely something to be grateful for! While you’re at it, feel free to check it out and let me know what you thinkLove Skylah Photography by Rekeisha George

4- True Friends/Confidantes: I’m one of those people who talks a lot and I enjoy discussing and sharing my thoughts (hence having a blog..hehe), but in life- I find it very very important to HAVE people in your life who are your support system. Whether they are friends who become like family- having people whose advice I accept and appreciate. Their friendships are without a doubt an anchor in my life and honestly, I don’t know what I would do without them.

5-Creative Outlet: Generally speaking, I’m a pretty creative person (I think), and for me, having a creative outlet has helped me through a lot. It’s allowed me to clear my thoughts, discuss ideas/topics which are important to me, and it’s allowed me an outlet of distraction when times got tough. I no doubt have to be grateful that I live in a 1st world country, where I have the TIME, SPACE and ACCESS to pursue any of these concepts. Using my creativity and my voice has always been important to me, and having an outlet to do so- keeps me going!



6-Neveah: As much as motherhood has its challenges and can make you feel all sorts of things from guilt, frustration and anxiety- I am ever grateful to my daughter, because she made me a mother, but mostly because she taught me more about myself. She has taught me to put things into perspective, to take my time and focus on the things that matter. I have vowed to ALWAYS give her cuddles when she asks for them and to always give her my time and attention- because at the end of the day time goes by fast and she won’t be little for long.


7-Make-Up: This is a random one, I know but I really enjoy make-up, I’m in no way an expert or anywhere near a YouTube star knowledge on make-up, but I just enjoy having the ability to play with different looks and I like how it makes me feel when I’m wearing it. Another reason to be grateful, that I live in a country where I have the freedom to be able to wear make-up and not be judged or threatened for wearing it.

8- Music: Ahh, my escape! How can I NOT be grateful for music?! It is a staple in my life, it gives me words to my emotions, it allows me to take a mental break, it allows me to be myself- dancing, making funny faces and odd dance moves. I have a huge love for music and my musical taste is varied, I follow what catches my ear or my heart at any given moment.

fff2e838e4906d4ec315856397c53e019- Life: Yes, this’ll be a semi-tacky one, but I am genuinely happy for life itself! I am a generally optimistic person, so when life gets tough I usually remain positive. In my life, I have been through so many things, good- bad and in between, but I am always excited at all the things life throws at us- some expected and most unexpected. From concerts, movies and food festivals, to laugh out loud moments with family and just lovely little chats with my sister, I really do appreciate life and what it gives us. I aim on a daily basis, to simply stop and “smell the roses”, try to freeze moments into my memory- because it honestly goes by far too quickly.

10- Freedom: It may sound tacky or cliched, but I really cannot close this off without being grateful that I am privileged to live in a safe and stable country. I don’t have to worry about a war breaking out or my life being under any threat. With the state of world affairs, we really can’t take our safety and freedom lightly.


Life can be tough and overwhelming at times, so it’s important to look at what we do have as opposed to what we do not. What are you grateful for? Share with us!

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