Our Travel Essentials

Our Travel Essentials


Up, Up Away!

As much as the majority of us enjoys having vacations and travelling…it’s only the actual TRAVELLING part that gives us anxiety- it’s the packing and remember all the important bits and bobs needed. As much as the trip may turn out to be fulfilling it’ll can be filled with many stresses, from customs, to long waits, to over priced foods. Normally for many various reasons- our wallet is the one which takes the biggest hit, so it pays off to be organised…trust us. Luckily, we would consider ourselves, generally organised peeps, so we decided to compile our go-tos!

travel flatlay.jpg


This wasn’t the complete image of what was in my purse when I travelled…I had far too many things, because I added more items…such as earphones, my phone charger, makeup- (because I thought I’d retouch my makeup before landing…that was a dream), mints, more pens and Kleenex.


Extra Tip:

It helps to compartmentalize your suitcase- buying a set of Travel Pouches; it makes it easier to find things, but also helps you to make it easier to pack, but also easier to actually close your suitcase! Trust me, the struggle was real for me with this. I had my daughter sit on suitcases in order to close them. It also can help if a product does leak, it won’t damage everything in the suitcase, it will be limited to only the bag it’s in. On another note, doesn’t it just look so cute!!? As if you need to think about it, if it makes you more organised and adds beauty! #winner

mini bag

1- Book– To travel without a book, especially a new one- is really wrong to us. I love the feeling of opening a new book, but to open a new book when you’re about to travel is even more exciting! I found this book from good ole Oprah’s Book Club, and let’s face it- I always trust Ms. Oprah.

2- Pain relief– Sometimes while travelling, it can cause headaches, pain from carrying or dragging heavy bags and usually from dehydration- whatever the reason, pain relief is legit ALWAYS a must.

c3b731c6e5ece013309b4a7e717229cb3- Change Purse– I’m not sure if you’re one of these people, but I despise change so much- I gave it its own purse. I don’t like digging around in my wallet to find the $0.75 of something, so when travelling, I find it even more useful, but sometimes, I even use it to carry the foreign change and currency. #doubleduty

4- Notebook– Sometimes the long waiting periods at airports, allow for a lot of thinking time, so I usually pack a notebook, in order to write down my thoughts and musings.

5- Mini Wallet- We love carrying little purses like this, because it’s what carries our meds, lipgloss, pens and all the other little fiddly bits you have in your handbag. It saves you from having to burrow into your handbag for items, but let’s face it…we’ll be doing that anyways..and yes, I’m a huge EOS fan.

6- Colouring Pencils & Colouring BookDisclaimer: Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with colouring books, so it’s a must that I would travel with them, it helps me to relax and because of all the stresses with travelling, it’s one of the 1st things I pack.

7- Hand cream– This is somewhat obvious for me, it’s a staple in my handbag, so naturally it would be in our handbag when travelling. This one was R2’s, she’s lucky I didn’t sneak this one away with me. #shh


8- Pen– I mean it’s rosegold, do you even have to ask??? This is yet another item I usually have in my handbag, but especially as you sometimes have to fill in forms for customs, I always like to pack a pen or two in my handbag.

9- Baby Wipes– Because let’s face it- airports are full of people and people are dirty. I’m fully against anti-bacterial gels, so baby wipes are my go too, they’re quick, useful and not full of chemicals.

10- Lipgloss– I don’t know about you, but I find airports really dry, I usually end up very thirsty and with chapped lips, it is because of this that I always carry lipgloss; even before I put on lipstick- for me it helps to keep my lips moisturized.

11- Lipstick– Nothing like a splash of lipstick to make you feel on point, I try to always carry lipstick with me wherever I go- sometimes I don’t put it on, but it’s always there in my bag- in case I need a little boost to my confidence.

12- Passports– This is a fairly easy and obvious one, because you ain’t going no where without it. We’ve always contemplated whether we should bye those beautiful passport covers- but my rational is the number of manhandling your passport would get- it might prove to be more irritating more than anything…but it is so so pretty!

One of R1’s NY resolutions was to travel more, so we’re more than excited that she’s starting out on this journey! Did we leave anything out? What are some of your favourite travel items? Let us know!

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