April Roundup

“Aerial”- Shot taken at The Raptor Centre

Brrr….was April a cold one or what?! Shizzle! There were big changes for me personally in the month of April…just a little change of country- no biggie! 🤯 You’ll have to forgive me, as I haven’t taken a massive amount of shots, as I was fighting jet lag, moving into a new home, getting my daughter settled and fighting back tears! Don’t worry, I’m back at it now!

Raptor Centre Owls
Raptor Foundation Owls

“Raptor Foundation Owls”

Earlier in the month, we went to the Raptor Foundation in Woodhurst, Huntingdon- it is organisation which rescues, rehabilitates and returns injured birds of prey back into the wild. It’s a lovely facility; they also have accommodations, which we used as we spent two nights there. These shots were taken of some of the birds they have, these ones were taken our for a flying display.

Snowy Owl
“Barn Owl”

“Barn Owl”











Another one of our pit stops on our way to our new house, was to a “crocodile farm”- it’s in quotations as there were FAR more other animals than crocodiles. But anyhow, we took Neveah there and she had a blast running around in the mud (lots and lots of rain) and checking out all the various animals- like the one below. No idea what kind of bird that is…  Disclaimer: The Peacock shot was not taken by me, but by my brother in law, any negative comments, can be directed at him.

Random Bird


“Random Bird”










I have always love finding/looking at the details in things we’d normally walk right past, or in everyday items. I’m a macro lover. While on a walk recently, I spotted a rotting and weathered tree. The natural colours and details in it really captured my love for textures. Eek!

Dock of the Canal

“Dock of the Canal”

Yesterday (April 30th) we experienced gorgeously beautiful weather, so I had to take the opportunity to explore the beauty that is living with this amazing countryside all around me. I really cannot make an excuse not to- it can be far too breathtaking at times! Anyhow, walking along the canal and taking in the beauty that is nature and the canal boats, I spotted this- and thought how great it would be in black and white, so here it is…

Leeds Liverpool CanalLeeds Liverpool Canal

When I spotted this, I thought it was a tombstone (don’t ask), it was then pointed out to me that it was actually a marker for the Leeds Liverpool Canal- #mindblown. Lol, you live and learn, right?! It still looks like a tombstone for the LLC…


Blossoming Bee

Blossoming Bee

I LOVE spring and I LOVE Cherry Blossoms, it’s actually probably a problem, but I mean, how can you not!? I’ve been admiring my new neighbour’s tree, which has given me more Cherry Blossom tree envy. Upon walking back to my house, we struck up a conversation about it and while chatting I realised just how many bees seemed to also be drawn to the tree as well (another selling point to my partner), and here is how I got this shot. I am actually really proud of it, I may print it for my office. Eek!

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