May Roundup

Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s finally May! And not only is it MAY, it has came along with sunshine! ☀️ #winning. As I was working on this roundup post, I was worried I wouldn’t have much content to post, but I suppose a perk to posting a recap is getting to “look back” and remember that you do have a life…marginally. I did a lot more activities than I thought, this month, I should of probably done more, but summer hasn’t officially started, so I can improve on that. A lot of the shots were taking on our walks along the canal. My favourite was when we got to see the new fluffy cygnets with their family!

Sunglasses Swag

Sunglasses Swag

We took a little walk into town today, the weather was so nice, I couldn’t believe it, but walking with this one occurs at a very slow pace as we needed to inspect everything. But, I guess that’s the beauty of it all- we need to STOP and smell the roses. I bought her new sunglasses the other day and she was obsessed with pushing them up her nose…lol. Love the furrow of her brow!

Fluffy Cygnets

Fluffy Cygnets

Whee! These baby swans, which I learned are called cygnets, were such a delight to watch. We went for a stroll and lost what felt like hours just watching the splash and play in the water.



Undoubtedly, one of the parents to the cygnets, as they never strayed too far away for their 6 little ones. I liked this shot, because I caught the dribble of water after the swan had dunked his/her head under the water! They were really fascinating to watch!


“Yellow Cluster”

I have no idea the name of this tree/plant, but as we were walking, the richness of the colour really caught my eye. I loved the details in each cluster. Lately, I have become obsessed with blooming trees, my next purchase has to be a lilac tree!

Feather On Water

“Feather On Water”

I took this shot earlier in the month on one of our family walks with Neveah and her cousins. I will admit to “cleaning” up the photo as there was a lot of ‘dirt” in the water, which irritated me when I was editing, so I removed the numerous “floaties” that were in the water; I chose to make it black & white, as it make it more moody adding ambience. I hope that came across in the shot….

Lancashire Landscape

“Lancashire Landscape”

At one stage in our walk, I looked onto the  horizon and was met with this beauty! I will stated that this is unedited from the camera! Jaw dropping beauty does not begin to cover the great beauty of where I live…

Two Goldfinches

“Two Goldfinches”

Let me state that all birds look somewhat the same to me, so this was left to my brother-in-law, to name these birds, so if it’s incorrect- it’s his fault! I loved the fact that they’re almost blended in with the branches and can be easily missed.

Canal “Canal”

Need I say more?! This is the shot from one of the areas of the canal, I took this shot quickly and will say, I didn’t set up the camera, just lifted and shot and like the Brits say, I’m pretty chuffed with it. Hehe.


That’s May’s recap done and dusted! Be sure to check out my Facebook page for more daily/weekly posts & drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!!

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