Our Sheroes


As proud feminists, (if you didn’t know- see last week’s post-5 Reasons Why We Need Feminism), we are fully aware of the luxuries we are afforded because of the MANY women who paved, fought, protested, marched, wrote and even died in order to afford us the lives we have in 2018. Though we definitely still have a way to go, as a tribute to the wonderful women who came before us, we dedicate this blog post to them!

f69090d7738f526641e21509d06de308Maya Angelou

What can we say about this revolutionary woman, that either hasn’t been said before or that we haven’t said already? We respect her work and the life that she lived so much that R1 got the tattoo “Still I Rise”, on her wrist. She is  cut above others and we do not believe there will ever be anyone like her. She embodies, a fighting spirit with every ounce of class and wisdom. Words really do fail to describe her impact on the world of writing, but also on our family- in many ways, her books kept our mother encouraged. We are almost indebted to her.


Betty Friedan:

To say that my introduction to this woman literally exploded up my mind (R1) and shaped a lot of my feminist beliefs, would be an understatement. After taking one of my 1st Women’s Studies classes, one of the 1st books we were required to read was The Feminine Mystique. The book really resonated with me, but although at the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when it came to raising a family, I was assured in my choice that I didn’t want to be a “stay at home mom”. Just knowing that I wasn’t alone with this feeling.


44ae9b90deccde75a3dfdba2eed8d74fAngela Davis:

Fighter. Revolutionary. Activist. These are just a few of the titles attached to this woman. She is the picture of how you can use a bad situation; arrest, jail and ultimately acquittal, into moments of teachings and she is a well respected academic, author, lecturer and counter culture activist. Again, she was one of the key figures in the women’s movement, particularly for Black feminists. Her importance in the fight against racism in the USA was so socially influential, songs were written about her.



Queen. That’s all that needs to be said! If anyone tells us that they do not like Ms. Winfrey, they’re someone not worth socializing with. For me, she is legendary, she not only broke down doors, she blew them out of the water. Her influence is bar none, her wisdom is something to aspire to even have a quarter of. She has the ability to bring people together and to show us that at the end of it all, we are all the same. The billions of dollars she’s earned and raised through her television show, studio, movies, magazine and charity work; she has given and shared her wealth with endless numbers of people. Her Leadership Academy for Girls, in South Africa, was established to help change and steer the lives of impoverished girls- as she herself grew up in abject poverty. Her influence is so extensive that an exhibit has recently been opened in her honour at the Smithsonian. If you can’t tell by my reverence. She. Is. A. Living. LEGEND.



Michelle Obama:

To say the “shoes” of this First Lady will be hard to fill is a complete understatement, she embodies grace, class, intelligence, strength and ambition. All the while sharing the space with her husband and us being taken in by their obvious deep love and admiration for each other. She’s cool, funny and I’m sure a very “cool mom”- but that aside she is no doubt an inspiration to many girls, but specifically women of colour. I for one, am very much looking forward to her highly anticipated books coming out in the fall. Bar none one of the best.


JK Rowling:

NBD, she just has one of the most epic rags to riches story of the last 15 years. Talk about being down, being counted out by probably EVERYONE, but talk about pushing through and never giving up on your dream. No matter your age; she is amazing. She also uses her voice to support women’s rights and isn’t afraid to speak up for what she believes and to be honest she has gained a massive following beyond the audience of her books. For me (R1) as an amateur author, she inspires me to keep pushing and to keep writing and to keep using your voice as a beacon for change.


Malala Yousafzai:f23f79f69ef4b1076dbd22a3bbaa1736

Courage is a word that is thrown around a lot, but it doesn’t hold a candle to this young woman. To think about all the hardships she has faced in her young life, the perseverance she embodies, and yet she continues to push through towards the goals that were once seen as impossible; is beyond words. She spoke out and spoke her truth in an environment which was hostile, but she didn’t waver. Even now, she is still pursuing her education, while remaining an activist for female education. If you are not aware of her story, we implore you to find out more. Perseverance, determination and survivor should be words that represent who she is.


Our Mom:

We saved THE best for last, there’s no way we could honour the women before us without dedicating a section to our own mother! Her strength and perseverance is  something we are in awe of. She faced tough life decisions with 4 children in tow, including a newborn; worked 3 jobs to rebuild her life, all while attending all of our sporting events, maintaining a spotless house, reinforced manners, and respect- all with a wonderful openness, honesty, with a huge smile on her face. As kids, we could never know the stress she might have felt, or the pressures to balance so many aspects of being a parent, especially while doing it alone. We look back at our childhood fondly because she is literally SUPERWOMAN!



Sometimes, in order to see how far you’ve come, you need to look back and honour the people who helped in any way to get you there! To us, the women are beyond revolutionary, they are trailblazers; often times doing things which haven’t been previously done and who accepted their calling and used their voices well before it was a trend or the popular opinion. This is why we celebrate them! Let us know which women are your sheroes!


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