Our 5 Favourite Childhood Books


Books! Books! Books! Between R1 and R2’s house, we probably could start our own library! If you’ve followed our blog, you know that we are MASSIVE book lovers! This love of literature began at a young age as our mother is also a huge book lover, because of this, we thought it was time we go down the nostalgic lane and review the books which shaped our childhood. Hop on the ride with us!

R2’s Book List


Anne of Green Gables: Perhaps it was because of R1 that I got into this series, who really knows, but it will forever hold a spot on my heart. Anne’s determination to pave the way for young girls, or those who stand out in society, to be conscious of the little things in life that the majority of us overlook. Oh my, how I love Anne for her independence to not be held down, to prove to herself as well as the people around her, that she is more than just a young girl, but a lover of all the simple things in life.


Robert Munch: I know, I know, this isn’t exactly a single book, but an author’s name, of many books. What can I say, I love the mans books! His books are quite weird, as I came to realize the older I got. But who cares! His books bring smiles and giggles to the faces and bellies of little boys and girls, so who cares if he wrote some outrageous stories, that’s what keeps us young, our imagination.


Road to Avonlea: Road to Avonlea is a branch off of the Anne of Green Gables series…or perhaps its the other way around. WHO KNOWS! Either way I loved this series growing up. I think that it fed my hunger for the whole early 20th century stories of how women fought for equal rights. How they were strong women in their little towns, making a difference in any way that they could. This particular series follows the life of a young girl by the name of Sara Stanley who is forced to move to a small town and live with relatives that she never met before, after living the life of a city girl for the first 10 years of her life. Very much like Anne, Sara breaks down barriers and does not let her gender hold her back. It’s interesting how the common thread within the Road to Avonlea series and the Anne of Green Gables series, were books that were constantly replenished within our home library. Perhaps my mother was trying to influence us in a particular way, without pushing too much on to us directly…food for thought.


Goodnight Moon: A this book really caused me to be thankful for all the things that I have access to. I can remember adding various items to say goodnight to, to the point where my mother would restrict me. HAHA I’m sorry, but anyone that knows me, knows that I could take your head off, if you give me the chance. This book was a regular bedtime story, that followed every new book that we would read that night. Talk about a classic.


Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom: Ah I LOVE this book! This books makes me want to dance. The simplicity that it takes on, to help children learn the alphabet, along with a cute little song that just about anyone can make up to go with it, always brings a smile to my face. I’m not so sure that you could sit down when reading this book, and not want to a) put on an accent, b) come up with a song, and c) create SOME for of rhythm to how you read along.


R1’s Book List


Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret: This book literally defined my late childhood. It has left a huge impact on me, mostly because when I read it, I was a similar age to the character and feeling/thinking similar things to her. I was able to find somewhat of a reflection of myself in a book, which resonated with me.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who actually attempted to increase their chest by reciting the famous lines from the book, “I must, I must, I must, increase my bust“. Needless to say it didn’t work, but it didn’t stop me from trying. #fail. Oddly, in the book, the character gets her period; the day after I finished the book, I also got my period- coincidence, I think not. Cue conspiracy theories. Needless to say, this book is a rite of passage and an important coming of age book- it holds a place in my heart, because I’m soppy like that.


Anne of Green Gables:

I’m not sure the impact of this book on an international level, but from a Canadian perspective, it’s massive. Not only did it put Prince Edward Island and Canada on the map, but resonated with so so many young girls. The character of Anne is vivacious, spunky and a likeable troublemaker. The book series made me laugh out loud, gasp in horror and ultimately cry. On the back on this book’s success two more books in the series were released, Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island- both just as much an important read as the 1st. Lucy Maud Montgomery is by far one of Canada’s greatly loved authors and it has always been one of my personal dreams to visit P.E.I and to also visit L.M.M’s home, trust me- it will be done. #goals



Ok, so all of the romanticism and warm fuzzy feelings have disappeared with this book series. Not only did it scare and torment me, I used to read the books before bed (bad idea) and then have nightmares based on what I read…don’t ask. And just to add to the torment, I would also watch the TV program on Friday nights…I promise you I still have fears from one of the episodes which is burned in my memory…not something I want to revisit. #scarred


Sweet Valley High:

So, I’m actually squealing with excitement and joy, just thinking about just HOW much I loved these books. I would literally devour them, I even had the Sweet Valley High board game! As I type this, I’m seriously considering looking for 2nd hand versions of the book series…#eek! These books were my introduction into “soap opera/dramatic” books and I can’t say I’m complaining- they were awesome. In some ways, these books were a precursor to The Laguna Beaches and The Hills, we have this book series to thank, especially when the TV show came about!


The Babysitter’s Club Series

I don’t think I know a teenager who didn’t enjoy this book series! I don’t know if it’s because I was also a young babysitter myself, but I really could relate to the characters and maybe hoped that my babysitting gigs were half as dramatic as in the books. I recently saw an article that they are looking to start a reboot of this and the nostalgic lover in me is super thrilled about this!!


We have always been a “book” family and these have made a huge impact on us and draws fond memories for us! What books shaped your childhood? Let us know! While you’re at it, check out some of our previous book reviews: The Bookseller & The Hate U Give

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