Our Favourite Things About Summer

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As it’s officially well into the summer season, so we thought it was about time we shared our favourite things about this season! If you don’t like summer…we legit can’t be friends…We’re really serious, unless your R2 who likes to hibernate in an AC infested location, from time to time throughout the summer, it’s all about getting out there!


∼ Because ice cream and popsicles exists: Summer is all about it and I’m adamant about trying lots of different flavours. Salted caramel ice cream has been a revelation! Unfortunately as it looks like ice cream doesn’t like R1, so she’s had to go on a sabbatical from ice cream, but maybe gelato will be in her future!?!? For R1, as she’s living in the UK, it’s even tougher as the ice cream van comes straight to her door #countryliving! The shot to the left was taken by our friend (Mia) at an awesome ice cream shop in Montreal, Ca Lem , it’s totally worth a visit, even just to take shots like this! 😍

∼ Do you have to ask?! Sunshine! Hello! Hand us a good book and a comfy chair or blanket and you’ll find us resting in the sun! We’ll deal with the heat rash later #whoops. But seriously, there’s something about sunshine which can only put you in a great mood. A couple of weeks ago, I basically had breakfast outside and didn’t move from my spot, completely losing track of the time, until my sister-in-law stopped by on her way to pick up her boys from school. I then realised that I was outside for about 8 hours! Did we say we love summer? We do!!😁


Fashion! Not that we ever really abide by these “fashion rules“, but there is nothing like summer to bring out your playful and rebellious side! Floral, striped, polka dots (We may have an obsession with this one, that it works ALL year round!). Bring on the flowy dresses, skirts, flared pants and so forth. You name it, summer will welcome it! We really love to see the creative looks people come up with! Plus, there are so many cute options you can play with, fashion is so open to interpretation! We love it!




S’mores: Umm, this is legit the BOMB! S’mores are definitely something we don’t have very often, but nothing says summer like sitting around a fire with friends and family roasting marshmallows and squeezing them between chocolate and graham crackers. Our mouths are salivating as we type 🤤! If you haven’t had one, you are seriously missing out! Excuse us while we go and plan our next BBQ!


Exploring: There’s something about summer that lights up our inner wanderlust goddesses! Getting out and exploring, whether it’s to our local shops, taking in music or food festivals or going further, like a field on a road trip. Get out there, get to know the world- it’s literally there for the taking. R2 plans to make a bit of a bucket list out of this summer’s explorations. R1 is all about trying new things and fully loves a good festival, as of right now she has already attended two food festivals with more planned! Get out there and explore your backyard, it’s there for the taking!


Terrasse Season: This is called a “Montreal Thing”, but I’m sure it’s common in most places, as soon as the weather warms up and we have a steady stream of sunshine, everyone and their mother is out having lunch or drinks on their terrasses. R1 remembers one summer my friends and I were at a restaurant from lunch time to literally supper time, eating, snacking, drinking and enjoying the view and company. It’s such an awesome time of the year and the air is filled with so much buzz! Catching up with friends, trying new foods and activities. R1 is still waiting for someone to go zip-lining with, any takers?


Downtime: Perhaps this one can tie in with terrasse season, but with the long summer nights, comes the feeling of just being chill. People have nowhere and everywhere to go, that it makes time move slowly. More books being read, more homemade goodies being made and the list goes on. There’s something about summer which sets back your centre.

There’s something about summer that awakens something in all of us! People seem so much more happier and there is a general sense of positivity in the air! It’s a shame it can’t last all year round…or are we living in the wrong country!? Tell us what your favourite part of summer is!


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