A Letter to Our Mother

47e8e9e353f6972ef6151f64a7d4163eIt’s probably about time, we fully declare this to the internet…YOUR mother is ALWAYS right. Done. Save yourself the hassle, you’ll thank us. Of course, if questioned, we will deny all knowledge of this post. In all seriousness, our mother is DA BOMB! We wanted to dedicate a post to let her know just how much we love her, before you ask, yes we have previously gushed about our mother (You Can Always Come Home), but I mean really one post is never enough. Here’s to you mom.

Your life, may not be extremely different from many others, you became a mother as you were still learning about life yourself. Some of the tough lessons you learned you made sure you were open and honest about them, in order to teach us. Thank you for teaching us about our own self-worth. Thank you for teaching us not to compromise and not to change who we are for anyone. Thank you for leaving a violent relationship, when the odds and family were against you; thank you for showing us what real love is. You may never know the full impact that might of had on us, especially R1 (R2 was only about 6 months old). You taught us strength and working hard. You taught us about taking pride in what you have and valuing the work, time and money that went into buying it. You taught us to take pride in our home, as this is an external reflection of ourselves to others.


Thank you for leading by example, for telling us the hopes you had for our future, but for also pushing past your circumstance and achieving your goals. Whether you knew it or not- this very act was our catalyst. You genuinely are our inspiration. For other looking in, this may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but we will never fully know how difficult it was for you to work 3 jobs, with 4 children, no partner, no car; and in spite of that, fulfill ALL of you motherly duties. You attended PTA meetings, you took us to soccer and basketball matches and piano lessons. you instilled the importance of maintaining our grades throughout school and insisted we couldn’t continue on our extracurricular activities if our grades weren’t maintained. You taught us discipline.


Thank you, for the moments you knew we were making the wrong choice, but stayed silent and waited for us to come to you instead. Thank you for telling us off when we fully deserved it. Thank you for staying up late, waiting till we got home, thank you for calling us over and over- to ask when we would be home. Thank you for worrying about us- thank you for your love. Thank you for teaching us that good things take time. Don’t rush the process. Thank you for teaching us that despite your past, you are in charge of your future. Thank you for showing us to always keep our heads up and to always stay positive. Thank you for the without fail, endless, unwavering, never failing force of LOVE.


Thank you for just lending an ear, for staying silent when you were probably screaming on the inside, you have been the one person we can run to, besides relying on our sisterly intuitions. You ARE the reason that we can run to one another and feel safe. You gave us the ability to learn freely, to be ourselves and know that you would be there whenever we needed you, no matter what we had done. Sometimes coming to you with our problems felt difficult, because we never wanted to disappoint you. We think so highly of you and want to make you proud; our problems can sometimes feel so tiny, compared to the problems you faced in life. But you made sure we knew we had the space and ability to speak to you openly and without judgement.


You have given us the strength, determination and outspokenness that is us; R1 & R2. You made us the women we are today, through the image that you set before us. You are a friend, confidant, sister and mother, above everything else in life. You are love.

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