My Faves: Nature


Any one who knows me, knows just HOW much I love nature photography! Without getting too “deep”, it’s  my heart song. So, as it’s officially summer and I always feel so full of life in the summer, I figured I’d share my favourite nature from my portfolio so far.


Talking To The Moon.jpg

“Talking To The Moon” August 2016 – I love taking moon shots, they’re so challenging, but I love the results and how the “surface” of the moon changes with every turn- literally.

Sparkle Through The Trees.jpg




“Sparkle Through The Trees” I can’t remember precisely when I took this shot, but I know it was taken with my old Canon on a walk on Mont Royal. Despite it’s age, I still love the colours and the burst of sunlight through the trees. This is why I love fall, it’s so beautiful!

Lake Ontario.jpg




“Lake Ontario” August 2016 – I love, love, love the colours in this shot. It literally has no filter! We had taken a mini road trip and stopped for a break to stretch our legs. I feel like I’m drawn to water- I just love taking shots of it. From the reflection on the water to its movement.



Fire, Fire.jpg

“Fire, Fire” September 2016 – I’m really proud of this shot, still to this day. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, no pun intended. Lol. Shooting in low light can be really tricky to get clean, crisp shots- which is why I look like this emoji when I see this shot.💃🏿


“Skies Mosaic”– As you can tell, I love shooting the sky! I actually have many more shots of the sky during the day as well! It fascinates me the variety of colours nature can throw at us! I mean…this is the same sky!




Raindrops on Leaves.jpg

“Raindrops On Leaves” October 2017 – If you don’t know already, autumn/fall is my absolute favourite season! I am a person who LOVES colour, so spring and fall gives me all the feels! As I had parked the car up, I walked around to get something out of the back and spotted these lovely leaves. I am always fascinated with macro shots and water droplets- they are just so pretty! I was lucky this was one of the moments I had the camera with me and here’s the shot!


Waterway & Tree.jpg

“Waterway & Tree” June 2018 – Nothing much to say about this shot other than I love the composition of it. I’d love to say that I took my time and planned it, but the truth is that we were taking a walk and I looked up lined up the water and the shadow on the right, I only spotted the tree’s composition once I was editing it! Whoops!

“Nature’s Gem”

If you’re on my social media, you would of seen this shot previously, but I  am just so proud of it! Especially given the ghetto camera I had at the time! For me, it was one of the moments when I was really precise and really worked for the shot, I had to use my finger behind the web in order to get my camera to focus and then move it away without disturbing the water droplets! It was intense, but after seeing the shot, so so worth it!

Nature's Gems.jpg


Nature has always been one of my first loves when it comes to my photographic journey, it has always served me well, it continues to inspire me!

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