Our NY Resolution Check-In


515b3e8a1998a073a112f9adcdfadfc3Yea…so this year has gone by FAR too quickly for our liking! We legit blinked and it has vanished; as we are well passed halfway way through the year, we thought it appropriate to keep us at RnR accountable and check in on the the resolutions we made on Jan uno. If you can’t remember what our dreams, visions and hopes were for the year twenty eighteen, see our blog post (To Have A Resolution or Not To Have A Resolution). Did we change any, update any, accomplish any or fully give up the ghost by January 13th? It’s really not easy making a change when you’re possibly so used to doing it another way, but here goes!


Whew! With that being said, let’s have a look in on how successful we have been with our NY Eve Resolutions so far.



I have to say that while on some level, there are a still things for me to work on, I am pretty proud with my progress, especially with my photography and our blog- it’s a labour of love, but I have more things to be happy and proud of than otherwise. Life, can be tough and sometimes we fall off the wagon with our goals and missions, but it’s important to keep yourself in check, but also not to be down about because you always have a new day to start and try again! Keeping a positive outlook is always the best option!

– Focus on my photography: (Love Skylah Photography) I made specific photography goals for myself, as a motivation tool, because lord knows I take tons of photos but haven’t been as good at posting and showing them off! I have managed to meet one of my goals, so that’s a win, and I have made a schedule and have been consistently posting and engaging with my photography audience! I know it’s not huge, but it’s a win for me, because for a long time, I got really complacent. I am happy with my progress on this resolution, so I’m marking it as a win!

8699c0999f7229a351fa565356d9fba8Journal More: I think I’ve journalled about a handful of times, since the new year, so I have been severely slacking on this. I wish I had a great reason for not getting back to it, but it’s really nothing specific, just lack of focus and lack of making it a priority. I had this great vision of me journalling in my office, but as my office is a work in progress-I suppose this got shelved in the process.

– Be healthier (including the age old working out more): I can’t say that I’ve joined a gym and that I’ve lost x amount of pounds, because the truth is- I don’t own a scale. #straightup But! I don’t class this one as a not fully being met, because I’ve not gained any weight and I have been going out for walks and walking when I can instead of using a car or bus. I have been tracking my steps on my phone and have been trying to take my daughter out to the park and just getting out of the house more. Plus, I have put on some summer clothes and I have room in it, so that cannot be a bad sign! My plan is when my daughter goes to school in the fall- I will then join a gym membership, as my time will be freed up, so I will use it to go to the gym then. #truth

3ca4a276865741e4d83a88fc5d048d26.jpg– Eat less meat: I have to admit that I’m not exactly tracking the progress of this, but I am trying to find more healthy, meatless recipes. I’m trying to be more conscious of the amount of meat I’m consuming on a weekly basis, by either omitting meat in my meal or halving how much meat I plate. This isn’t too much of a challenge for me, but I’m not a pork or beef fan anyways- chicken will be hard, because it’s such a staple in my diet, but I’m sure I can manage. I’m doing it slowly because I want to be sure I manage it and simply decrease the numbers and so far it’s not been dramatic. Becoming a vegetarian has been something that I’ve wanted to do for years now; I’ve tried it for a summer previously and didn’t suffer, so this is my next step into making it something more permanent.

– Get another tattoo: I haven’t gotten one yet, but don’t you worry- this is still on my plans, as I’ve recently moved countries and in the process of settling in, I’m going to wait till my birthday (December), and make it a present to myself. I’ve already decided on what tattoo and where it’ll be…shall I share? 😉 Head over to our Instagram story and place your votes! And I may just let you in on the secret.

– Get back to me: This one has to be one of the hardest resolutions, I set for myself, because it’s hard to focus on yourself without feeling guilty about it- especially as a mother. I know there’s more I can do, but I’ve been trying to say yes to get together’s more and taking more time for myself, even if it’s just having a bubble bath, reading or journalling. One of the biggest things I’ve been doing for myself is decorating my office as it will be a space for me, myself and I. The process of doing it up and making it my own is fun and exciting because I can go with what truly makes me happy.





New year’s resolutions…talk about difficult to keep!
I won’t lie to you and say that I’ve achieved all of the goals I set out to accomplish, because we both know…it didn’t happen 😣. I’ve been doing my best to stay on top of them, that much is true and they are coming along.

– Write more to-dos: This is a funny one. When R1 and I were discussing the contents of this blog post and what we each had to work on, you may not believe it, but I honestly began to write a to do list, without a second thought! R1 was laughing so hard that I couldn’t figure out what had knocked the wind out of her, until it dawned on me that my actions were aligned with the first task on my list of resolutions. Who would have known that this resolution was going to be the easiest to keep? 🤔

book pile– Read more books: I have a bit of a lineup at the present moment and I don’t plan on finishing them by the end of the summer, because I know that it won’t happen 🤔😣. My mom and I moved this past Saturday 💃🏾💃🏾, I’ve lived my entire life in that house and it feels strange to leave it behind, but it was about time. This move which required the majority of my attention and time, resulted in my book game being put on the back burner, but I intend to get a move on on those books just sitting on my desk.

– Be more open to change: I doubt that this life altering action is simple for everyone of us. This is the one thing that gets me nervous, hot, heart palpitations, you name it and I’ve probably felt it when you even mention the word; change. It’s no easy task and it’s no easy conversation. I’m not sure what I intend to “change” or be open for, when I chose this conversation as a NYR…but I can tell you this, I’m for sure still working on it! How can I not be? Everyday is brand new and I have to remind myself that it opens up a world of possibilities and a time of reflection on one’s present, past and future actions. I will forever be striving to achieve this one for sure.


– Let go of the things that I cannot change: Oh my goodness! I cannot tell you the amount of times and encounters that I have been through since making this resolution. 😑 You could almost say that someone is testing my patience to see how I stand up to the test. I plan to pass it with flying colors and it hasn’t been easy. It’s funny how the moment that you reflect on the negativity or the hardships that come your way, that within that moment of reflection you can sometimes see the better solution to how you should react. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m the worst at letting things go. I can’t stand leaving conversations, arguments or encounters unsaid, unresolved and so forth. I need a solution, I need answers and I need resolution! It is through these past events, where I am seeing my patience being tested, my ability to listen and retain vs reacting and getting myself into a larger mess. Listening can come in handy for more times than not, but it is through listening that you establish your strength in reflection and acceptance. People are going to be who they are, no matter how you may want them to be, they are who they are. It is not the simplest of tasks trying to accept the actions of the people around you, but that’s life and life throws your curve balls that you just have to catch when they come your way.

– Do a bit more artwork: This one is a ✔️✔️✔️ hehe I actually choice to make my mom a piece of artwork with a poem this year for Mother’s day. I know that it was simple, but it was totally her and that’s what matters the most. She has just about everything she could ever want, and I don’t mean material things. She has children that love her and are willing to drop everything to be there for her as long as she’s strong enough to call. So more artwork is off to a good start!


One thing we’ve both realised is that life will happen with or without our participation and even if we haven’t slayed all of the goals we set out for ourselves- checking in helps putting things into perspective. Plus progress is still progress, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. So, keep pushing on and keep chiselling away at them, as small step as they are.



Reference: Artwork: “Portrait” – Aaron Griffin- Aaron Griffin

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