What’s On Our Phones?


We’re all voyeurs in some way, aren’t we? This is why Facebook & Instagram are so popular? Trust me, I think we check our Intas like over 20x a day…#issues. Moving swiftly along! We have decided to give you a peek into our phones… Not down to iPhone and Xiaomi Mi A1 (wait what?!?😲), but our wallpapers and the apps we have on them and use or not…. R1 has to admit she pretty much uses the same 5-7 apps, the rest are there for no good reason. So let’s get nosy!

… … … …


R1’s Mobile Phone

I don’t know what to say other than my phone leads a pretty boring life! I don’t have very interesting apps and it’s got very little variety, but yolo- it is what it is. #nojudgement


EE: My cell phone/mobile phone app- nothing too exciting, I can track my usage and top up at the click of a button. Yea…I’m old 👵.
iP: This is my period tracker, I have been tracking my period since high school, I used to use old school calendars to track it, then got with the modern age! I’ve had this app for years and it’s been really useful to track not only my period but also my moods, aches and of course if needed, ovulation.
Tangerine: This is my banking app- so it’s none yo business!
Wikipedia: Sometimes random thoughts come to me, so I use this app to find out random details! Lol. You just never know when you’d like to find out what country or D.O.B info for a random celeb! Yeesh.
Pacer: I’ve been trying to get healthier or simply live a less sedentary life. As a way to keep me more motivated about this, I’ve added a pedometer on my phone. Don’t worry, I will get in the modern world and eventually get myself a fit bit or something like it-hehe…I’m old, give me chance. But, I felt like this was a simple thing I could add and it not be too intimidating.
FIFA: You know, I love my football, so I keep track of the scores with this app, but to be honest, this year, I pretty much watched all of the games- lol. So…I didn’t really need the app.IMG_4311

WordPress: To be fair, I should probably add this app to my social file; I don’t really use it very often. You never know when you might need to check in on the blog. I normally update it from my laptop or the ipad as they’re bigger screens and the configuration on a phone is off sometimes.
Trainline: This is the app used to book and track trains all over the UK, you can filter by the station, timelines etc. It’s a great app!
BBC Sport: Another one of my sports apps, Premier League Football is on their summer break, so I’ve not used it much at present.
ROMWE: One of the “trendy” clothing brands that was floating around online, where I bought 4 items of clothing and have been very happy with them- so I’ve kept the app in case I might do it again.
ColorTherapy: I have previously stated just how much I love colouring, so it’s no surprise I have an app as well, but to be fair-I prefer to use the real thing, so I don’t use this app too much.
Boots: This is a big pharmacy/store in the UK, similar to Pharmaprix, in Canada. You can collect points and get money off- they also send you coupons based on your sales. I’ve only got £1.39 on it, so yea…it’s gonna take a while🤣.
SHEIN: Similar to ROMWE, I have never bought anything and to be fair, I should probably get rid of this app- I don’t use it.


Our wallpapers R1 (left) & R2 (right)- R1 is always trolling Pinterest looking for cool cellphone wallpapers. R2 on the other hand, actually has a different pic as her lock screen, but for privacy purposes- she needed to change it for this post…hehe 😏 (don’t worry, her usual lock screen is of her booboo 😉 ).


R2’s Mobile Phone

OK! So as you guys have probably gathered from our previous blog posts, I enjoy organizing just about everything that I can within my life. I know, I know, you can’t organize and control everything in life, but when it comes to my phone, I try! Anywho, lets dig into my apps of choice;


Netflix: Do I really need to say more?! Who doesn’t have the Netflix app on their phone, Tablet and so forth? It keeps me entertained at night when there’s nothing decent to watch on TV (lol).

WordPress: Need I say more? When inspiration hits me, I just open WordPress and get to typing.

Calendar: With my obsession for organization-it’s no wonder this is frequently used app.

ColorNote: This is where my sticky notes obsession gets to RUN WILD! (hehe) I love colours and I love making to-do lists and trying my best to remember everything that is important to me. I makes short notes here, quotes that I com to with on the fly and even some codes.

Facebook/Messenger: This one seems a bit self explanatory if I may say. Who doesn’t have Facebook on their mobile device? Now that R1 has taken the plunge and gone international, I find myself using Facebook much more than I used to. I check it just about everyday and and find myself going picture and emoji CRAZY! And those GIFs can be quite entertaining as well hehe.

Instagram: Oh Instagram, how much you entertain me. Is that sad? lol OH WELL! Have you ever just taken the time to see what is trending on Instagram before? Half the time I find myself sending R1 funny memes, videos and so forth.

Snapchat: I’m finding Snapchat to be a great way to brighten up my day, when I need a bit of cheering up. Just watching the short and funny videos that people post and especially the funny things that Tastemade posts and the creative foods that the Food Network comes up with, leaves me drooling. In case you missed it, I LOVE FOOD!

Pinterest: Oh my goodness! If you haven’t read our blog The Pinterest Rabbit Hole, then you don’t understand just how addictive this app/ webpage has become to my life. I find myself checking Pinterest even more these days, as my mom and I have moved into a new home. Let’s just say that Pinterest rules my obsession of what I’d like my house to look like hehe #keepdreaming.

My Calendar: This is basically my other half. I put just about everything that is important to me, within my calendar; my reminders, my outings, work hours, birthdays, events and so forth. If it requires me to plan, what I want to do, or where I need to or want to go, it’s in my calendar.

702555fbb308c915ec9cf695e35b94e2TD: It’s my bank, what more is there to say? lol

Sweatcoin: Ok, I’m still new to this app, but my mysterious significant other introduced me to it. The idea of this app is for it to calculate the amount of “steps” that you walk within a day, and it turns your points into PayPal money that you can redeem. Its basic, nothing too complicated and all it requires you to do, is to walk!

Word Cookie: If you don’t already have this app downloaded onto your phone, you NEED to get it!! I have improved my writing skills, just by playing this game. It test’s your knowledge when it comes to knowing exactly how to spell certain words, terms and so forth. #wordcookiespokespersonoverhere.


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