July Roundup

Urgh, this month was a hard one for me; I wish I could put my finger on what has gotten into me, but the truth is I don’t know. I just couldn’t find the gusto to go out and take pics for the majority of this month. It wasn’t until last week when I realised I wouldn’t have much to submit to this month’s roundup, I had better get myself in gear 😣. So, that being said, please forgive me for my lacklustre submissions this month.


Twin Toes

“Twin Toes”
A friend of my sister-in-law recently gave birth to twins and as I had been looking for inspiration and a challenge somewhat, I decided on a whim to ask her if she’d mind if I photographed them. She said yes, and this is some of the results of the mini shoot. I have to admit that it was far tougher than I had anticipated. It’s not like I had never worked with a baby before, it was more the managing and manoeuvring of two babies that made it tricky. I’d like to think I did well, but the truth of the matter is I always find something wrong with my work and this time was no different 😣.




We have a tree in our front yard which some genius planted, it’s a lovely looking thing, except it’s covered in thorns! They get dry and fall off and stab you in your foot, very fun! Anyhow, so after a workout of cutting this tree down, and shouting a few curse words from removing thorns in my foot, my eye caught. Silver lining and all that jazz…but seriously, I still have a piece of thorn in my foot I can’t get out…when do I worry?


Baby Smiles-LogoTwin Face 2 Face-Logo
“Baby Smiles” & “Twin Face 2 Face”
More baby love!! Swoon! There isn’t much to say other than look how adorable and precious they are! It was such a thrill to photograph them and even if they did fuss and cry, I got lots of cuddles in and that can never be a bad thing!



Ahh, to embrace life with the fervour of a 4 year old! I have to say, there is nothing like looking at the world through the eyes of a child. It can be filled with frustration, roll on the floor laughter and sometimes a pang of yearning. Everyday I strive to be as enthusiastic and in love with life and living as my daughter, if not for her, but for myself.





Orange Flora
“Orange Flora”
This is a lovely unidentified flower in my backyard, I had been waiting all summer for it to bloom, to only bloom for like 2 weeks, which is a bummer. I went back a couple of days ago to see if I could get a better shot of it and unfortunately it has already died back 😮, so I guess I’ll have to wait till next year! Oh well, at least I tried. If any of you are horticulturalists, let me know what this flower is called. Thanks.


Still trying to work on my macro shots, but I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised while editing this shot that not only did I capture the beautiful bee, but also the little hover fly (?) as well. I had a couple shots, but this is best one of the fly in focus, even if the bee is a little fizzy along the left, I’m happy with it. Can’t have it all, can I? Until I invest in the macro lens I’ve been eyeing I’ll stay blissfully happy.



“Soft” & “Soft Bright”
I couldn’t decide which edit I preferred for this shot, so I put both…because well, I can. I’m partial to the one on the right because it’s moody, but sometimes adding light to a shot gives a completely different feel, hence the shot on the left. Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments or you can head over to my Instagram stories and place a vote there….if I remember to do it 😏.




Considering I wasn’t very confident when I began this month’s blog post, I have to say- I’m pretty pleased or like the Brits say “chuffed” with the shots I did manage to pull out of the bag! Bring on August!


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