My Faves: Weddings Stills


As wedding season has well and fully kicked off, I figured I’d run down the list of my favourite wedding shots! I know there are the standard and quite obvious shots that we all know and love, but as it’s my faves and because I like being different, the majority of the shots I have picked, do not include the bride and groom…sorry. I want to look at my favourite wedding stills.


Rings & Heels


“Rings and Heels”- May 2016
I took this shot from my sister-in-law’s wedding, one because I LOVED the quirkiness and personality of her shoes, but also because I wanted to take a “different” type of the obligatory ring shot. Did I manage it? I’d like to think I have. It’s one of my favourites, because I love how I’ve captured the details, especially the glitter on the heels!




“With These Rings”- May 2016
I have to admit that the perfectionist in me, doesn’t like or appreciate this shot, but I do love the simplicity and the edit. If I’m being honest and self-critical- I would of been happier if all three of the rings were in as such clear focus as the one on the right…but I’m sure you never noticed that! This was actually shot of my sister-in-law’s wedding bands, along with her engagement ring in the middle.

With These Rings...


The Ring.jpg


“The Ring”- May 2016
I was thrilled, nervous and excited to be able to shoot my brother’s engagement shoot a couple of years ago and this is one of my favourite stills! I love the details in the ring, but also just how much it actually reflects them as a couple.





“Souliers”- June 2017
Technically this isn’t a still because it’s people, but yea…I’m a rebel. This shot was taken of 3 brothers, the groom being in the middle. I just loved how their shoes seemed to express their very different personalities.

Forever & Always
“Forever & Always”- March 2016
I will filly admit to bringing this to the wedding venue with the intention of this shot. Lol. What can I say, it was the photographer in me! I loved the idea of using the ring as some sort of prop. If I’m being fussy, I don’t like the look of the back the scrabble on which the ring is sitting, but it’s a pretty shot.


Floral Ring

“With This Ring”- March 2016

This could be classes as a a flower, but since it has a ring, I’m putting in my top fave wedding stills 😝.  I loved the colours in my sister-in-law’s bouquet, it was a beautiful mixture of flowers which balanced her theme so well.


IMG_9211“Purple Bunny”- March 2016
I hadn’t been to many weddings and then the ones I did attend, I was the photographer, so I welcomed this chance to be a guest and take some “guest” shots. Although, I did take a few cheeky photographer shots, I had the blessing from the bride and groom; this was a shot of the table setting. Every guest had a personally hand “carved” name tag and I made and glued the bows onto pretty much most of them! Hehe, the perks of family weddings, I really enjoyed helping out with the creative aspect of wedding planning…shame I never got around to planning my own wedding…#nocomment.




With This Ring.jpg

“With This Ring”- April 2017
I love and is so proud of this shot so much, it was my Facebook profile pic for well over a year! My bestie had just married the love of her life and I was able to be part of a small group of people allowed to be there! I cried, but it’s how I roll and we had rushed out of the room with so much emotion, I forgot to get a shot of the rings! So, we stood in the best lit place in the Palais De Justice and I snapped away and I legit knew I got the shot! On another note, in doing this blog post, I realise I need to review my naming of rings shots! 😝

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