5 Beauty Products We Can’t Live Without


We are no beauty bloggers and will not be taking up space in that domain, but! We do like to take care of ourselves and faces every once in a while…R1 for one will NEVER say no to buying makeup she just cannot be bothered to wake up and slap it on in the am #thestruggle. That being said, we wanted to share some of our favourite beauty items we’ve been into the past couple months. For people who don’t do much with beauty products, this is worth the read! 💛 They will NOT be products you can only get from a Himalayan monk.😆


R2’s Picks

¤ Nivea: Smooth with Shea butter. This is my go to body cream. When I’m not using the fruity stuff from Bath and Body Works, I jump on the Nivea band wagon. This cream has just the right amount of creaminess that my skin needs, that I only need to apply it at the beginning of my day, when I wash my hands and before bed.

38514640_1917112545015846_2448858303409684480_n (1)¤ Nivea Body Wash, Smooth: I may just have an obsession with Nivea as of late 🤔.. whoops. What can I say, I use the products that work for me. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it lol.

¤ St Ives Fresh Skin, Apricot Srub: I’ll admit it, I’m not a huge beauty product type person. But when I decided that my face needs some TLC besides soap and water, this scrub is my lifeline. I don’t have to put it on for long; splash water on my hand, squeeze the tube, scrub away, wash off and done!

38498871_211534402858784_7791500004169875456_n (1)

38472409_2204285199601442_8330677244888350720_n (1)¤ Hello Beautiful Ultra Shea: Need I say more?? The title is what drew me to this cream, and has stayed apart of me “beauty: routine ever since!

¤ Last but definitely not least, my number one. Snowflakes and Cashmere: I can’t explain how lovely the smell of this perfume or mist, whatever you want to call it, smells like. I feel like I’m walking on air when I put a little sprits here and there. 😂



R1’s Picks

¤ Seche Vite Top Coat Nail Polish: These days, taking the time to do my nails feels like a luxury and since I am the dishwasher in my house, my nails chip far more often than I am happy with!

¤DIY BEAUTY Body Scrubs: I have sensitive skin and I find it hard to sometimes track the reasons or products I break out from, because of that, I tend to make my own products, using natural ingredients- it’s the safest way. Plus, I don’t have to have a moral dilemma about whether it’s been tested on animals or anything like that- it’s been made in my kitchen using everyday ingredients! Easy! Let’s face it, homemade is always better than store bought! Specifically this summer spent in the UK, I found my feet have dried very quickly, especially the bottom of my feet, so I found a great foot scrub to help rid the dead skin, but to also leave the skin on your feet soft and smooth! Here’s the link for one of my fave, simple foot scrub using ingredients you already have at home, quick and easy to do and so good for your feet! Sugar Foot Scrub Ps: Extra tip, put and rub the scrub on your feet, then wrap it in a warm towel and bag for about 30 mins, this allows the ingredients to really get into your skin.

coconut oil¤ Coconut oil droplet: I actually stumbled across this at TKMaxx (Winners/TJMaxx) as I was looking for a face mask. I didn’t end up leaving with a face mask and picked this up instead. Along with the fact that it makes my skin feel really soft and smooth, it smells so delicious, it’s unreal! I love the droplet applicator, which makes me feel like I’m in an apothecary…hehe. But for real though, I’m lucky that I don’t have quite as sensitive skin like R2 when it comes to my face (I get the allergies), but I feel like this has smoothed my skin and given me a lovely natural glow! And well who doesn’t like a glow?!🤩


¤ Shampoo Bar: I have been trying to find ways to reduce the amount of waste I create and have taken certain steps to cut items out of my beauty routine, in particular. One of them was to try using a shampoo bar instead of buying a traditional shampoo in a plastic bottle. I bought this one at the Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival from a brand called iUVO Skincare, a brand that is 100% organic, natural, handmade and vegan! The truth is its totally works and is 100% worth the transition! I personally find there is less shampoo wastage and an average bar lasts about 6 months, which obvs depends on how often you wash your hair. Give it a try, the environment and your hair will thank you.

¤ Lavender DropsMaison Lavende lavender oil:
I LOVE lavender! It’s one of my favourite flowers! Going to the lavender fields is one of my ultimate favourite places! Such beauty! I am also one of those people who gets back pain often, I’m falling apart…I know, so when I found out that you can use lavender oil to help soothe sore muscles and headaches! I was even more happy. I bought the double pack at Costco and haven’t looked back. My mom made me a rice bag, I put a couple drops and microwave it and winner winner…it not only helps my muscles, but also helps to calm and relax me! fcda13c37288cece13b6871db3f47af1

We aren’t experts, but we do like to take care of ourselves and to ultimately feel good in our skin, even if that’s often makeup free! Ain’t nothing wrong with that! What are some of the beauty finds you’ve been digging lately? Let us know!

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