Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians


Normally, I’m one of the last people to get on the trendy train, especially when it comes to books because I normally let the books pick me…but this book is an exception because it was gifted to me from my bestie as a parting gift for my move to the UK.



The book follows the relationship of Rachel Chu and Nicholas Young, a couple living a simple blissful life in New York City. Nick is invited to his best friend’s wedding and decides it’s the best time to introduce Rachel to his side of the family after almost two years of dating. The drama and adventure unfold as Rachel is literally thrown into a world of wealth and snobbery she never anticipated, but also finds out just HOW rich and connected Nick’s “modest” family is. She is met very negatively within his family and gets a crash course on Chinese/Malaysian/Taiwanese/English classism, culture and in between.

Break it Down:


This book was a great read, I tore through it so quickly I was disappointed I hadn’t bought the sequels to it, but don’t you worry, by the time this blog post will go live, they will be in my possession! The way the story unfolds and how it follows the characters were made for the film, but also manages to find a great balance between leaving you hanging, but also intrigued. I found myself laughing out loud at parts and completely falling for and rooting for Rachel and Nick throughout. I will fully admit to shouting out loud to myself at a section in the book towards the end when Rachel finds out some devastating news and makes a shocking decision. I was also equally upset because I only had less than twenty pages left! Along with the fact that the story


line was great, the characters, and the way the author weaved a beautifully descriptive narrative of the food, clothing and architecture. It opened my eyes, and I’m sure it will do the same for those who read it. It’s a different world, and lifestyle that we just cannot grasp, given the level of wealth and opulence some Asians from that side of the world live. It was also eye opening to learn about just how rich in culture, interwoven traditions and foods Asia has to offer, and especially not the foods we have on this side of the globe that we believe represents them. It actually ignited a need for me to see and taste for myself the food and tastes described in the book. Kevin Kwan did a wonderful job of creating such stimulating imagery. Another reason this book is important, is because for once it’s not a fiction based in Asia where the characters are great at martial arts, are geishas or factory workers. It’s a celebration of the fusion that is Asia, from it’s colonial history to its ancient traditions. To say I was captivated and intrigued would be playing it way down!

The RnR Rating:

5 out of 5! It has been one of the best books I have read in the last couple of years. I don’t think I’ve devoured a book so readily since The 50 Shades Trilogy and let’s be honest, that’s saying something! It has romance, comedy, history and culture, that makes it a wonderful combination.

Crazy Rich Asian.jpg

Would I recommend the book?:

No joke! Time and time again. I know that it’s all over the internet and breaking box office figures for the year and for its genre, but it’s completely necessary and relevant! 100%!

Have you picked this book up? What are your thoughts and feelings about it? Let us know! Do you have any recommendations?

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