Drops in the ocean,
If no one sees the ripples,
Do they occur?
Screams at a concert,
If no one hears the sound,
Do they count?
Overwhelming feelings of drowning in my thoughts
Feeling similar to an actual drop in a sea of nothingness
A gust of wind in a windstorm,
How do I push back from the tide?
Scream as my head surfaces from the water?
Gasping, gaping for reprieve for my lungs?
When does the break come?
Rest for the battering I am taking emotionally,
I grasp desperately to try gathering the water around me,
Failing miserably, I am frantic,
But like everything, the tide begins to subside as the sun rises,
And my feet is able to touch sand,
For as long as the sun is outside, I am happy,
Until the sun begins to set on another day.

R1- July 2018

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