Baby A & A Mini Session


Let me tell you, Welcome Henry.pngshooting babies is no actual joke! When I was younger I used to think that having twins, one of each specifically would be so ideal- two birds, one stone. At 33, I know that’s a lie! Just trying to find the right amount of cuddle time for each and to settle and soothe both of them, when you want them to be photogenic- is a task. But, I had a lot of fun shooting them and to be honest, it was a huge learning curve for myself in my photography, particularly. I am usually really hard on myself and can and do find something wrong with most of the photographs I take…that’s how I roll, but to be fair- there’s not much you can get wrong when you are presented with a sleeping baby, especially two!


Sleeping Alyssa- Logo“Sleeping Alyssa”-  While Archie fussed and generally mean- mugged me, I was able to take lots of snaps of his sister Alyssa. She was a great model because she fell asleep and wasn’t bothered by me re-adjusting her.

Twin Toes
“Twin Toes”– Nothing is cuter than baby toes, which is a stretch for me, because I don’t like feet! But on babies, so adorbs!

A & A Babies- Logo“A & A”– I can’t tell you how hard it was to juggle keeping two little humans happy all while trying to take photos of them! We did a quick set up on my kitchen table, because it was my closest source of natural light, but also because it wasn’t too far to reach for them if ever the need arose.

Baby Smiles-Logo.jpg“Baby Smiles”– Typically, I had one baby who slept and was generally not bothered about me shifting and moving her around, but her brother was more concerned with why I was taking their pics. He kept frowning at me!  I won out in the end because he fell asleep and I was able to get shots later, keep scrolling.






“Baby Frowns”– Introducing Archie’s frown. He really wasn’t a fan of me being a paparazzi 😂 and didn’t take too kindly to being shifted into position. But look at that face!!! So cute!!!






“Cheeks”– This is sleeping Alyssa again, I had so many shots of her- it was hard to choose! But I mean, who is complaining!



IMG_4535.jpg“Snooze”– I persevered and got a shot of the both of them SLEEPING!!! No fussing, not frowns and suspicious looks! Honestly, is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby!? Well here’s two!

Twin Face 2 Face-Logo“Twin Face 2 Face”– This is one of my fave shots from this shoot, they both fell asleep and we took the risk to move them into a basket. I really wanted to include the knitted blankets they have been gifted, because it was such a personal touch! Aren’t they so peacefully?!

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