Inspirational Quotes We Live By


Everyone loves an inspirational quote and if you don’t then we can’t be friends. They can be classed as cliched or tacky, but what is clear is the fact that even if it helps to inspire and lift your spirits if only temporarily. Inspirational quotes can help to clear our minds, it can help to inspire us, it can help to motivate us and it can actually help to change our lives. Between R2 & I, we are massive inspirational quote lovers, collectors or as we call ourselves curators. They not only set the tone for us on a daily basis but they actually can help to give us a purpose.




🌫️What more is there to say, except that this is so true. We always find ourselves stopping to think; what if I had done this, or he/she had said that? But what does it change, if you can’t go back and fix it? Staying in the past leaves you wondering, questioning and searching for answers that you may never find. Live in the moment, for today is all you have because tomorrow is not guaranteed.



Ah, what a thought. I’ve been going through a rollercoaster of emotions the past month and a half, trying to pull my life with me and only me at the head of my actions, thought process and purpose. It’s ok to feel the emotions that come upon us, but letting them overcome who we are at the core, causes us to lose sight of the strong independent people that we have always been, separate from the ones that we have loved and lost.


I like this one. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. A friend once told me that if you smile long enough, your face muscles get used to the motions that you begin to actually smile. Our brains are a funny thing. We can trick them by doing the slightest action, which will change the course of how we feel, with a drop of a hat. So I choose happiness!🌟


Oh my. A reason, a lesson and a blessing. These for sure do not appear in the way that we want them to. I chalk that up to the man upstairs, and the lovely tests that he likes throwing my way. Everything happens for a reason and we may not find those reasons to appear at the forefront of EVERY situation, but they are there. It just takes a little bit of time, and healing to see the purpose behind it all.


A fresh start is better than going backwards and repeating the same events and actions over and over again, wishing for a different outcome. We all know this to be true, but yet we still find ourselves reluctant to leave the past behind and embrace the future that is before us.


I can’t help but think of a song lyrics which says, “what if I was the one to tell you, that the work’s already been done? I think your day’s about to get better”. There’s no way that we can reflect on our day and say that there was no one thing that brought a smile to our face. It may be something minor, but it was enough to make a bad day good, even just for a moment, and that’s what counts.

ff034035142768b846ac271467875b8fI’m ready for change, 🌱for life, for a new beginning. I will be different from this point on and that’s ok because being different isn’t necessarily bad. It comes with a new and unique you.






This resonated with me very deeply, most times when things aren’t going well we get so caught up in the negatives and almost put blinders on. But taking a step back and realizing that we can’t plan out our lives, but also accepting that despite the negatives, it may be the start of something good. Changing our perspective on how we approach or how we view incidents in our lives, can help to make the situation appear to not be as bad as they seem.


This is an oldy, but a goody- we get so caught up in comparing ourselves and our lives to others. Especially with social media, we seem to only see the good and perfect lives of others and compare them to ours, when in fact we are all leading very different and very unique lives. We can’t compare our journey and the stages we experience with others because at the end of the day…it may not be meant for us. Focusing on nurturing our own lives and ourselves is the only way to not get distracted, but boy is it hard to shut out the noise!


I love this quote so much, I changed it to my Facebook profile picture. Not only was the language or the way the poem is written that resonated with me, but it was more a confirmation to my soul that maybe we can do it and go through life as we are. No need to change, no adjustments needed, simply knowing that we are enough (flaws and all). I may be weird, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.🧡 We are all on a journey, some do it alone, some may take years, but we are all on a journey, no two alike and none more important than the other.



Ok…Maya Angelou is like the grandmother I never had, her voice, the way she used her words to inspire, but also jolt your reality. I’ve mentioned it before, but I love this poem/quote so much, I’ve gotten it tattooed on my wrist- it reminds me that through it all- Still I Rise. No matter what life throws at you, you will survive and you will continue to keep going. No matter the negativity or the hate or the anger; you WILL rise.


If you’re like me, it’s hard to let things go and surrender to the fact that we cannot control every aspect of our lives. Sometimes you just have to let go. Sounds so simple, but it’s not easy to do. You can’t always plan out every aspect of your life, you can have a plan, but at the end of the day, there will have to be elements that are left up to fate and timing. This quote reminds me to just let go sometimes because maybe it’s not meant to be right now- 🐌you can’t force things.


What are some of the quote which gets you through loss, breakups or lifts you up when you’re feeling down? Share them with us!



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