November Roundup

November Roundup

To say this month went by quickly is beyond an understatement, I wasn’t prepared for any of it! I actually forgot to post this on yesterday, but who’s checking- lol. 😉

It was really cold and I mean freezing, so cold it actually broke a RECORD on how cold it was. So I spent a lot of time taking shots inside the house because I didn’t pack cold jackets for a Montreal winter…yea, genius.

“Journal 2”
Another shot of my journal, I was working on angles and add the faux fur in the ground to add in a little bit of texture to make the shot more interesting, but also more moody- hence the shadow. Did I succeed? Meh.


“Glass Angel”
Yes, we’re one of those families, who put up the tree early, but I personally love the feeling of coming home and seeing the Christmas tree and with the change of the time, it’s far too dark too quickly, so I’ll take all the good cheer I can muster. This is one of the ornaments which survived on our tree-I have always found it to be very beautiful. I will admit that I found this shot very difficult to take- not sure what it is, but Christmas tree shots are the bain of my life, I can never seem to get the lighting right- still working on it! Plus, I didn’t bring my external flash with me on this trip! 

“Pine Cluster”
So, along with the cold, we also got a lot of snow, so on a mild day, I ventured out for a walk because I really love the look of snow on pines. It’s synonymous with Christmas, so it needed to be done. I survived and lived to tell the tale.

“Drip, Drip”
We had a few days of mild weather, where it was actually raining, this is after a ton of snow… One of my favourite shots I have ever taken is raindrops on a spider web, it was such a difficult shot to capture and I had never been more proud of myself. So, I wanted to recreate it. I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself.

I have to let out a squeal, I am actually VERY proud of this shot, it was one of the last shots I took from our walk and I mean…maybe I need to spend less time overthinking it because I seem to get the best ones when I’ve just thought about every aspect of the shot…figures. 

“Christmas Mood”
I wanted to wait till next month’s roundup, but I couldn’t wait that long! I was far too excited about this shot and far too excited for Christmas!! Oh..and my birthday!! See ya next month!

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