I Wonder…


I wonder if you realise the pain you cause me,

When you brush me aside so callously,

Every time I take the time to tell you something,

And you barely pay attention,

I wonder if you realise the pang it shoots through me,

When I offer myself,

And you barely notice or even still- shoot me down, claiming it will be of no use,

I wonder if you notice just how much I shrink,

Every time you don’t make me a priority,

Every time I am the last to know,

I wonder if you care,

I wonder if you see me at all anymore…

I wonder if you realise that I too can leave

I wonder if you understand that with every rejection, I grow braver

I wonder if you’ll hear the sound of the door shutting…

I wonder if I’ll be too hurt to care…

September 2018- R1


2 responses to “I Wonder…”

  1. Hello,
    I’m Sara from Poland. I love the painting on the top of the page, so I would like to know If it is yours? I would love to use it like graphic for my tattoo so please give me an answer If can I 😃
    Lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sara!!
      This is actually not my image I found it on Pinterest, I will try to look and see if I can send you the link or trace the original artist, especially so that you can get a good quality version for your tattoo! That’s awesome!! I’d love to see how it turns out!! 💪🏾😊


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