Swooning over Statement Made Jewellery

We first came across this brand on Twitter Statemjewellery, due to the catchy articles they posted, but also their gorgeous jewellery! It took us a bit of time to get our hands on their jewellery though, because I (R1) was out of the country, visiting R2 and family when I agreed to give a review of one of their pieces. I was left anxiously waiting to see what piece would be sent! The anticipation of waiting was intense!

Eyeing up this lovely piece😍.

Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed when I finally got back to the UK and excitedly ripped the package open! I loved the extra touch of getting a little message along with the necklace, it was a sweet touch! I’m one of those people if I leave the house with earrings on- that’s a good day. Makeup? Even better day! So, I was overjoyed at the simplicity and delicate nature of the necklace! It’s very much on trend and especially for me and my minimalistic jewellery. We would 100% recommend checking out their site Statement Made Jewellery, their prices are extremely reasonable with a very unfussy, uncomplicated website to manoeuvre. Also, when we say gorgeous we mean GORGEOUS pieces! They have a wonderful variety of minimalistic jewellery, right down to personalised and sentimental ones!

Of course we gravitated towards one for sisters!!

If you hurry, they are currently having a sale on some of their pieces, using the code: januarysale50! Get on over there and check them out, you won’t be disappointed!!

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