February 2019 Roundup

Hold the phone! This month was a mixture of the strangest and lovely weather! At the start of the month, was very cold, icy and frosty. As we close the month, it’s like we had a massive thaw and had super warm, dare we say spring-like weather! Odd, but rejuvenating none the less.

“Frozen Holly”– Other than for Christmas, holly is usually so festive, in my neighbour’s front yard is a holly bush which from a gardening point of view is getting out of hand. But! I was very grateful for it in all its glory to get this shot! I am actually quite proud of it.😃

“Masonic Bible”– The Masonic Hall in Barnoldswick will soon be demolished in order to make way for a car park and new houses. It’s a shame to think a 100+-year-old building will soon be no more, but I really enjoyed looking around and taking in the history and beauty in the tiniest details. This shot is of one of the very “worn” Bible, which you know has been through some things. If only it could tell us its story, I loved how the sun shone on the Bible and made it look very dramatic. I normally don’t take very dark/moody photography, but this one I’m proud of.

“Frosty Bud”– In the spring, this bush is one of the most glorious things. With the weather going up and down this poor bush is confused so it’s started to somewhat bud. I probably could have done a better job of getting more detail out of the frost, but once I was editing I was quietly happy with how it turned out.

“Ladybug Moss”– I did a weekend walk to Malham and Ingleboro two days in a row at one of the points where we stopped to catch our breath- I caught sight of this ladybug and I’ll be honest I am very very proud of this shot. I can’t believe how in focus I got it because let’s be honest it’s tricky.

“String Of Frost”– We experienced Britain’s version of The Big Freeze at the beginning of the month and despite the drop in temperature it did prove to create some very beautiful photography- and just the kind I like. I love how nature adds beauty to things we are normally so quick to dismiss or complain about the cold and all the while we rush past the beauty in all the details.

“Moorlands”– Took a walk to Ingleboro a weekend and was lucky with great weather and beautiful skies! I took this shot quickly so I’m very happy it came out well.

“Freemason”– I love this shot, I don’t have an elaborate story re: it, just that the detail and focus surprised even me. Lol.

“Water Froth”– I took this shot at the base of the water leading up to Janet’s Foss, I was taken by the “froth” that gathered by the rocks…yea I know it may not be that interesting, but I liked it.

Did you catch last month’s post? Check it out here.

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