March 2019 Roundup

Wrought Iron

March. Urgh, let me tell you how unthrilled or uncreative (is that a word?) I’ve felt this month, and to be fair it didn’t really make sense because for all intents and purposed the weather wasn’t all that bad. I’ve just been in a massive creative rut and fully hoping the new April spring feeling helps to unblock my creative juices. Saying that, I haven’t been completely useless, I did manage to take a few shots for the monthly roundup.

We took a day trip to Tropical World in Leeds and that was pretty much where the brunt of my photos for the month took place. Nothing like a mini day out to get you capturing some shots. It was a little but breezy, but we still took a walk around the gardens, it was then that I spotted this lovely archaway under the bridge. I think I majourly lucked out capturing the streak of water on the right, I can assure you I never spotted when I shooting.

Disclaimer, I have a general rule about things that crawl on their stomachs- not for me. But! As we walked through Tropical World, I loved the vibrancy of this little dude’s colour; don’t get me wrong, I was very happy he was behind a glass, but still marvelled at him/her ish.

Bay Leaves
I picked a massive bunch of bay leaves from the Barnoldswick herb garden this summer, they have been drying since then and I currently have them in a vase on the window ledge, so it’s not only practical and useful, it’s also decorative. Bonus, I love the way the light was shining on the ledge so I thought I’d capture it.

White Drops
No clue what this flower is called, but it was so pretty on our walk, it needed to make this post, so here it is. If you know it, let me know…maybe the pic will have a better name.

Raspberry Bush
This bush is in my front yard and for the past few weeks it has begun budding, I’m sure I’ve taken a shot of this before, but it’s such a beautiful pop of colour to drive up to that I needed to take a quick shot.

This plant is one of the reasons I love nature so much, it can be hard and yet it can be soft all at the same time. I marvel at trying to figure out which plants get to have soft bristles or hard spikes- nature really is interesting.

Did you catch last month’s post? Check it out here.

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