April 2019 Roundup

April showers, right?! Well, I can gladly say that we didn’t get too many of them this past month and I ain’t mad about it. The month started out slow, because I was still getting over the March blues, but over the Easter break I caught up and might have just hit lots of inspiration.

“Puddle”– If there’s one thing that’s for certain about Neveah, is the fact if she sees a puddle, she will step and possibly jump in it. And I supposed I can’t fault her for it because, well puddles are fun! We we went on a walk earlier in the month and came across these massive deep muddy puddles, I was very glad she was wearing wellies, but also that I caught the shot of the splash AND came out dry! Everyone wins!

“Alpacas”– I joined the other parents from my daughter’s kindergarten class on a group stroll in our neighbourhood and we came across these adorable alpacas. I mean come on how can I get them as pets?! #squee

“Spider”– Found this little or big bugger in my shed and though I’m not scared of spiders, I wasn’t too pleased to find him; needless to say after taking these shots, I swiftly closed the door and left it well alone.

“Tulips”– One of the best things about spring is all the beautiful blooming flowers! It never gets old, well at least to me. It’s been such a lovely time spending our weekends exploring our local area, we came across these beauties on a trek to a little town called Barley.

“Cousin Loving”– Over the Easter break, we took the kids to do a fun walk/Easter themed activity- they loved it and to be fair I think the adults loved it as well! Here is a shot I managed to capture of my daughter and one of her cousins.

“Ribblesdale Viaduct”– We had such beautiful weather over the Easter break and our family took advantage of it and took a mini road trip through the Dales. We took a pit stop to this beauty and made sure to get some shots. It was a sunny day, but very hazy which made getting the right settings on the cam a bit tricky, but despite losing the sky in the ground, I loved the sun spot caught in the shot.

“Blooming Rosemary”– On a trip to an amusement park over the Easter break, I spotted these beautiful rosemary plants and never realised that they bloomed. It was so beautiful and now I think I’d like to plant some myself.

Did you catch last month’s post? Check it out here.

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