Neveah’s QnA

If you don’t know already, kids can be HILARIOUS and completely filter-less. Trust me, the level of shade I have encountered from my daughter, it’s a wonder I’m not permanently scarred! That being said, we thought it would be entertaining to ask this outspoken spitfire some questions and see what answers we are met with. Keep your eyes peeled for the video version of this, as we’ll share it on our Instagram!

What is your name? Neveah.

Is that your full name? Neveah Esmay Drew Worrall

How old are you? 5!

When is your birthday? October, but I don’t know what day.

What is your favourite colour? You means because I have don’t have one. Brown, pink and purple. Because I like the poop emoji. 💩

What is your favourite food? Lasagne 🤤

Who is your best friend? Bella, Brooke, Yliana, Daisy

How old is Mommy? I don’t know.

How old is Daddy? I cannot guess. 24?

Tell me something that is gross. Slugs

What is Daddy’s first name? Ben

What is Mommy’s first name? Rekeisha!

What makes Mommy sad? I don’t know.

What makes Mommy happy? When I do good in school.

What did you do today? Watch tv, loads of Glitter Force.

How strong is daddy? Strong?

What’s Daddy’s favourite food? I don’t know. I can’t guess.

What’s the funniest word you know? Umm, funny.

What time does Mommy wake up in the morning? I don’t know And I can’t guess.

How tall is your mom? Umm, I don’t know. Fifty million, you’re not really, but it’s a bigger number than me.

How long does it take Mommy to make dinner? A lot of time.🍽️

What’s your favourite nursery rhyme? I don’t have one, but I like the 3 kittens one. I like animals.

If you built a house when you grow up, what would it look like? It would have gold polka dots on the roof and gold stripes all over the house. And I would have a purple bed. 🏘️

What do you like to do the most? Play hide and seek.

How old is Nana and Oma? I don’t know. 20 and 50.

Do you think you might want to be a Mommy when you grow up? How many kids would you have? I wanna look after 2 babies.

What’s your favourite movie? Trolls. I like Guy Diamond the best.

What does Mommy do for a job? Receptionist

What does Daddy do for a job? He makes bikes. Boring.

What do you enjoy doing with Mommy? Playing hide and seek.

If our pets could talk, what would they say? Mommy, mommy, mommy.

How does Mommy/Daddy laugh? I don’t know. Giggles.

What’s your favourite restaurant? McDonald’s, Aunty Talika takes me there.

What do you enjoy doing with Daddy? Nothing, searching on Google for what things are.

What did you eat for lunch yesterday? I really don’t know.

Where in the world do you really want to visit? Oh I know that. France. Where the fire was. There was a fire in France.

What is your favourite song? I like Little Mix, Black Magic.✨

What is your favourite animal? Dogs.

What’s your favourite Barbie or Disney Princess? Ariel when she’s a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ and I like Barbie the best.

What is Mommy’s favourite animal? Koalas and alpacas. 🦙

What is Daddy’s favourite animal? I don’t know

What are you scared of? Bad dreams.

What makes you happy? Hanging out with mommy.

Where is your favourite place to go? McDonald’s.

What is Mommy’s favourite thing to do? I don’t know. Take pictures.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Umm, I don’t know. I don’t want to work hard to be a vet.

Where does money come from? I don’t know, the bank!🏦

What’s Mommy’s favourite colour? You keep changing it every day. One day you said it was orange but then you said it was pink.

Who is Mommy’s best friend? Mia!

Is there anything interesting about you or your life? No. I am interesting, I know how money’s made, but I don’t know.

Where do you live? Barnoldswick

What did you think to this week’s post, we tried to switch it up this week and make it a bit more lighthearted. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram feed for the video version!

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