May 2019 Roundup

Boy did this month go by quickly! I’m sure I have said this every month when it’s time to do the round up, but this one felt especially quick. I blame the Easter and May breaks, not that I’m complaining. We had such beautiful weather for most of the month, it was positively summer and for that I am definitely not complaining! Maybe that’s why my creative juices were flowing and I didn’t struggle as much to get shot posted or shared for this month’s roundup! 🌈

“Yellow”– This shot was taken in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, while we were visiting family. On the drive down I noticed (it was hard to miss) all the fields and fields of rapeseed and I knew I needed to get a shot of them up close! Scroll further down to see a pic of me in the field, I had to stop myself from running through them, not sure the farmer would have appreciated that.

“Mr. McGregor”– This sign tickled Neveah so much, I had to include it in the roundup, we visited a local farm in Ramsey and this was one of the signs that caught our attention. The weather took a turn on us though and the heavens literally opened on us, but I was able to get this shot before we were nearly blown away or drenched!

“Double Planes”– I wasn’t going to originally going to post this shot, because it didn’t do anything for me, but then I thought about how it’s not my usually type of shot and I thought I should include it because why not!? So, here are some random two planes which flew above our heads in Cambridgeshire. You’re welcome.

“Rasta Sheep”– I know, I know they have actual names and it’s something Scottish, but I much prefer Rasta sheep and I’m sticking to it! Now waiting on them to break out some reggae.

“Llllambs”– These were some of the farm animals we spotted before the downpour; I mean can you ever get tired of lambs? Nope.

“Magnolia”– I honestly don’t know if I love anything more than flowering trees, it’s a shame my body doesn’t like them as much as I do, but meh- it provides a great shot! I actually can’t remember where I took this shot, as they’re everywhere!

“Rapeseed Fields”– Like I said earlier, I was enamoured but the rapeseed field, so I had to take and share more shots! 🌻🌻

“Back”– Does this shot make me look like a blogger? I suppose I liken myself to one. I crossed my mind the other day that I don’t show myself much on this, so- here’s a shot to prove that I am in fact a real person. See you next month!

Did you catch last month’s post? Check it out here.

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