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I’m going to admit to something, try not to judge or roll your eyes; but I have never been that person with a make up routine, let alone a cleansing routine. On a good day, it was an achievement if I even took my makeup off and a win to not wake up with raccoon eyes or without make up on my pillowcase- an even bigger win! Needless to say, like most things, our bodies change and so does our skin, not sure if it’s change in country, climate, environment, global warming or hormones or even a massive combo of all of them. Over time what my skin needed and what I was giving it weren’t matching up and I began to see the signs. This week’s blog post is a light one, I’m merely sharing some of the products which helped and worked for me with my patchy dry skin (in certain places). I am in no way an expert and don’t attest to be; just very impressed with the results and thought at least one of you out there would care! So, read away!

Now, we’re not beauty bloggers, but we do know a thing or two about beauty products! When I first dabbled with make up and beauty- I really struggled to find products which matched my skin tone, let alone didn’t irritate my eczema. Without aging myself, this was well before the likes of Lancome & Fenty, or the likes of the ever increasing brands with a social agenda. More and more, it’s become increasingly important to us, to use and support brands that are socially conscious.

Fenty Foundation: I cannot and will not stop singing this brand’s praise and no, it’s not mainly because it’s from Rhianna…OK, maybe a bit. But, she came THROUGH with her makeup line and I have never looked back. I will be fully transparent and say that I didn’t jump onto the Fenty train right away, I’m usually skeptical about celebs and their “products”, but not many actually engross themselves into knowing all there is to know about the industry. Upon being gifted her Stunna lipstick the year before last, I was won over. Yes, it didn’t take much, once you looked at he campaigns about inclusivity and using models from all shapes, sizes, ages, genders and sexuality. More and more, I have been gearing towards brands who have a social presence, ones who want to make a difference, all the while not costing the planet, and this brand is it for me. On top of that, I have been impressed with the coverage and just how well it matched my skin tone so evenly, so if I have to recommend a brand, it will most definitely be Fenty Beauty.

Kielhs Cleanser: Ok, ok, I’ll admit to being that person who legit never washed her face every night and who on a full on lazy day, I didn’t even bother to remove my makeup…don’t judge. But over time my skin has gotten more and more sensitive and I can’t get away with that any more, so I’ve become somewhat more careful and consistent about the products I use but also about ensuring at the close of the day, my face is at least clean. Though this brand isn’t new, I’ve only recently discovered it; I know a lot of people swear by Kielhs and I figured, if the brand has been going since 1851- then it must know what its doing. Though it’s somewhat on the higher end of the price I normally would pay for beauty products, I figured if you’re going to spend then you might as well spend it on a cleanser. I have to say that I’m very very impressed. You don’t need much to make an impact and also, it’s light, a lot goes a long way and it smells of nothing! My skin is definitely much happier now that I use this product, so imma keep shelling out to pay for it.

Lip Gloss/Lip Stick: Nothing helps on a day when you’ve not made much of an effort on how you look and cannot be bothered about makeup, but pop on your fave lipstick and it all makes the difference, you feel like you’ve at least made an effort- no matter how small. Though I’m not much into the ins and outs of makeup, I do have a big collection of lipsticks, but funnily enough, I tend to stick to the same genre of colours. I’m working on being more adventurous when it comes to the colours I choose, I’ve been getting lots of compliments on Fenty Beauty’s hot pink (Candy Venom) and maybe I’ll have the nerve for a more “risky” colour like a blue or a black at some point, because for the longest while I never thought a bright pink suited me.

No 7: We both have sensitive skin, but I get dry patches on certain areas of my face, especially in the winter time with the harshness of the weather, because of this, I tend to be very picky and struggle to try new products when it comes to my moisturizer. I don’t like things with strong smells, because of this I normally look for one that is mild and has a light or no scent but always with SPF! But, I’ve recently begun exfoliating the dead skin away and moisturizing overnight and let me TELL you- I have seen a major improvement in the smoothness of my skin and its health. So along with removing my makeup, it has also cleared up my skin.


Are there any new brands or products we should try? Share and let us know!

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