They’re not all the same,

Don’t judge them from past experiences,

Be open minded, blah blah blah,

But how do you trust when all you seem to do is get let down?

Promises made which can’t be kept,

Declarations of love and affection, which should never be made.

Promises made at the height of emotions, which should never be had.

Feelings and thoughts which should never be felt.

And yet, I am so weak, I beleive and let them in.

Like a tick which can’t be extracted.

I’ll be better, do better and try harder.

I’ll show you this time…

Urgh, they’re all the same.

I shouldn’t say that, but I don’t have the wherewithal to bear another betrayal,

To bear another humiliation to my pride,

I love so fully and openly and all I get is broken promises and empty words,

But….they’re not all the same…

May 2019- R1

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