August 2019 ROUNDUP

Well August ending has crept up on me! We’ve been out and about a lot this month and I didn’t forget my camera half as many times as last month! So that’s a plus! LOL. I’ve had my mom and sister visiting over from Montreal, so that was amazing incentive to be out and about and snapping shots, which is very much what we did and I have so many shots, this month’s post won’t do it justice. Anyhow, scroll along and enjoy them!

“Kilrenny Beach”– I have always had a soft spot for Scotland and this past summer didn’t dull my love any more. We were blessed with amazing weather and gravitated towards the beach (naturally). Hearing that this location was known for its beautiful coastline, it definitely didn’t disappoint. We were in such awe, we ended up staying there for about an hour just looking at the North Sea…there really is something relaxing about water.

“Can You See?”– As a book lover, being at the Bronte Museum was so so awe inspiring. Just the sheer number of items that genuinely belonged to the sisters and to have such an intimate look at how they lived and to be walking through the same rooms they walked is so amazing.

“Maize Maze”– Had a random day out on the outskirts of Ripon, Yorkshire- though it was very windy, the weather held out, despite us getting lost in the maze and only finding one of the 6 animals we were meant to find. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

“Hydrangeas”– We took a trip to the Bronte Parsonage and there were some very beautiful flowers all over the property, these have always been my favourites, I loved the blue. I’ve bought one for my house, let’s see how successful I’ll be in growing my own. Do I love these flowers or what? Such beauty in each and every little flower, which makes the whole. My all time favourite flower.

“Ferris Wheel”– We decided on a whim to take this Ferris Wheel while on a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, you won’t find shots from while being up on the wheel, because I was not a fan of the rocking motion it made when at the top, so I spent most of it in a somewhat uncomfortable state. LOL. Heights and I are not friends. But it did provide a beautiful shot with the blue skies in the background, so I suppose it was worth it…ish.

“Papillion”– We had a lovely time at the Butterfly Farm, just seeing at the variety of butterflies and creepy crawlies- lol. I couldn’t snap enough pics if I’m honest and I don’t even think I give them justice. We even got the chance to hold a centipede, which was a very interesting and creepy experience, but my daughter loved it!

“Untitled”– Couldn’t think of a name for this shot, but here it is. I loved the fact that I was able to capture the mouth/spout/longish thingy they such up the nectar with. So much detail it’s really cool to see.

“Stained Glass”– One thing I’ve learnt or realised since moving to the UK, is the number of churches they have- it just blows my mind to still have a structure that is STILL standing after so many years. Can you imagine a church built in the 1300’s?! People walked the very same steps you are now, it’s really remarkable. This stained glass window too much my attention so much. I didn’t get lucky enough to have no heads in the shot, but this one is still pretty good. Right?!

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