Back To School Worksheets with

If you know me, you know I love a good activity sheet for Neveah, on our vacation, we printed out lots of different educational, but fun ones to keep her busy in the car on our long drives and boys did she enjoy them! Like mother! Because of this, Jessica at reached out to us and asked if we wanted to share some of their resources with our blog readers in lieu of the back to school. We said yes, (then self doubt set in and I procrastinated, because it’s what I do when I don’t think I’m good enough)- then I thought about how much Neveah loved using their word search and I saw her enthusiasm and I got myself into gear because it was all in my head at the end of the day!

It’s back to school time with all of these fun school related words to search for. Please visit for more fun reading and language arts games like this one!!

They have a massive arrays of things you can choose from and themes to suit, from math, to grammar to punctuation to high proficiency words- you will definitely find what you need to suit your child’s needs. I’m even thinking of downloading a few for myself to brush on my rusty math skills. Their website is super easy to use and downloading the worksheets is legit a breeze, trust me-I’m one of those if I have to click too many times I give up- this website is seamless.
We’ve attached a fun word search you can download (see below), but honestly, I was very impressed with their selection- you will too! Have you used this service before? let us know what you think!

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