September 2019 roundup

September 2019 roundup

This is the time of year where I get moody…I can’t handle the cold (yes, it’s different to Canadian cold) and the steady rain is not inspiring. I’ve already taken loads of raindrops on spider webs shots (met the quota), so I am at a loss for variety of shots as the months get colder- that and the greyness makes photography a little more tricky. But! That being said, I will still try to make sure I at least have 10-15 shots per month and attempt to give variety to them. Realizing it’s October already and I am no where NEAR achieving the goals I had for 2019…urgh, I don’t know what my lack of motivation is…, but I haven’t given up and that’s all that counts right?! I hope so! Enjoy September’s round up and see you next month!

“Floral Butterfly”
We took a mini trip to Whalley in Lancashire and in one of the gardens on the grounds of the old Abbey ruins, there was a flower that the butterflies seemed to LOVE. I wasn’t tall enough to get a great angle, as I was having to reach up and I didn’t want to disturb the butterflies too much. Tricky shot, but somewhat happy with the results. I really do need to work on getting that zoom lens, especially because height isn’t on my side.

Another shot from our Whalley trip- we went to see the ruins of the Abbey and on the grounds was a beautiful garden and pond. We were trying to see if we can spot any tadpoles, but I don’t think we were successful. I loved the splash of pink in the midst of all the different colours of green. Not sure there’s anything too spectacular about this shot, but- I really like it.

I mean…have you SEEN the size of this thistle? Ive never seen anything like it and the vibrancy of the colour as well! I swear it was the size of a large apple.

If you don’t know by now, I’m obsessed of water droplets. There’s something about each little droplet that somehow defies all logic and remains in tact. It’s so so beautiful and nature is really special. We spotted these outside of Gawthorpe Hall and of course, I wouldn’t pass up a chance to snap water droplets, we even shot some where Neveah’s cheeky finger makes an appearance. I may just post that at some point.

“Butterfly On The Rocks”
Fairly partial to this shot, I loved the contrast between the rocks and the pop of colour of the butterfly, but at the same time, I feel like it gets lost in the see of “brown”/earth tones…and then I don’t like it. This is one of my biggest problems, I find so much fault in my shots, it can be unreal. Which is one of the good things about having this monthly post, it pushes me to press publish on shots that would just remain on my SD card. So dislike or not, it’s being posted.

“Emperor Tamarin”
Squeee!!!! I absolutely love this little cutie! He’s an emperor tamarin and by far the cutest animal I’ve seen in a long time! We took a trip to Blackpool Zoo (considering doing a post…but since I have yet to post our trip from Tropical World back in April…it might be a while til you see that one…my bad). Of course they get their name from their facial hair, but even beyond that…look at their cute little faces….

“Some Kinda Bird”
If you don’t know already- I like birds, but I’m not like in love with them and sometimes (most of the times) I struggle to name them. To be able to look at them and go that’s a blah to the blah to the blah blah bird- nope that’s not for me, because I don’t have a clue. So at the zoo, I spotted this bird and I found it pretty, what bird was it? I have no idea, because I didn’t take a shot of that! That would be far too easy, so enjoy this pretty winged thing.

“Mostly Yellow”
I take so many shots of flowers, that I have really uninteresting names for them, especially if I don’t actually have the specific name for the flower, so this one is mostly yellow and that’s the name I’m committing to. I really liked how the yellow stood out in a field of little purple flowers.

I will humble brag with this shot, because I am a huge fan of it. I love how dramatic it came out and how I managed to make the background so dark when this was in fact shot in the middle of the day. I was somewhat concerned I would be pecked by the pelican, but to it’s credit, it wasn’t bothered and even let me pet his/her beak.

“Gawthorpe Hall “
How can you not be in awe of this?! I’m not the biggest history buff, it can sometimes bore me, but I love the fact that we can walk the same floors that someone else has walked over 100 years before. It’s so bizarre, how different we would have been and yet how similar at the same time. This old house is beyond spectacular it’s amazing that we’ve been able to preserve the history and also share with a new generation. We went to see the display of textiles from all over the world as the last owner was an avid collector of all things textile. It contains the largest textile collection in the whole of the UK other than the Victoria & Albert Museum!

I am already looking forward to next month, mainly because it’s my daughter’s birthday month and also because we’ve got a trip to Scotland planned and I can’t wait to see the scenery and the types of shots I’ll get- I just hope the weather isn’t a wash out! Oh well! See you next month! Did you catch last month’s post? Check it out here.

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