October 2019 Roundup

I feel like ever monthly roundup I’ve said how quickly the previous month has gone by, but I don’t think any of them has sped by as fast as October, but maybe it’s because we had a lot planned this month. A trip to Scotland over the 1/2 term break, a night out at the Ballet, a concert, a housewarming party to name the ones that popped into my head for this pop! Oh and how could I forget Neveah’s 6th birthday party! Bring on November so I can rest in order to be ready for the madness that is Christmas!

“Thistle Map”:
This is the first few pages of the book The Familiars by Stacey Hall, I was taken aback by how beautiful it was but also so caught up in the story that when I received my bi-weekly flowers (see below’s post), and it included thistles, I KNEW I had to take a shot with it. This is the shot and I really love it, it will be included in my book review blog post because it’s so pretty and somewhat romantic. Plus, I suppose you needed to see a shot of the rose in all it’s glory.

“Rose, B&W“:
A while back I decided to buy myself flowers, because well…no one else was doing it for me, so I took matters into my own hands. So every two weeks, I have flowers delivered to work and I get to be excited because I don’t know what the bouquet will look like. Because of this, I get lots of flowers to use as props, it’s a win win really. These were reaching the end of their life, so I edited it in B&W so I wouldn’t have to do any touch ups, but it does make it oh so moody as well. And yes, I do know the rose itself isn’t all that focused. You’re welcome.

“Inflatable Nessies”:
We went to a Scottish Crannock, you’ll see the shot further down, and this was the view! I mean, can you ask for more?! On top of that, we spotted not one but two Nessies, so it was definitely a winner.

Pitlochry, Scotland

Queen’s View Angle”:
I have to say this place was breathtaking and I could have stayed there the whole day if it wasn’t for the cold and the crowds- two awful C words. Sometimes, when I’m in a touristy area, I don’t like being part of the crowds taking photos of the same views, in the same ways, it’s not original, so this time I piped up the courage to bend my knees a bit and take the shot with the perspective of the railing. Yes, I wanted the visual to be a bit off and love how it turned out. The mix of unfocused and focused at the same time and all the while it doesn’t remove from just how beautiful the backdrop really is. Scotland really is special.

“Two Ducks on the Loch”:
On our stop in Perthshire, we spotted one of the many lochs, I think this might be loch Tay, but either way we took a mini break and did some walking along the water. Nothing is cuter than two ducks, so I figured I’d capture a shot of two Scottish ducks swimming along their merry way. Nothing too special about this shot, but I figured I would include it as it breaks up from all of the landscape shots. I took.

One of the reasons I love fall is for all of the colour we get treated with, the beautiful change from tree to tree is so beautiful, the Scottish trees weren’t as vibrant as the ones in Canada, but it still didn’t disappoint, I saw this tree and took a quick shot before we hoped back into the car. . .I’m not 100% a fan of this shot, because it’s not as focused as I would like it, but the vibrancy of the colours make up for it.

This is a crannock, essentially a house on stilts over water, the Scottish version to the Thai/Bali style houses. We got to go inside and experience some of what life would be like if we lived in the Iron Age. It’s somewhat hard to imagine, but the staff at The Scottish Crannock Centre did a great job letting you experience and show off the tools, the food and the kind of skills they used during that period.

“Queen’s View”
Does this really need a caption or a description? This is what I think of when I think Scotland. Beautiful. Simply put. This is Queen’s view, looking out towards Glencoe in the distance, but that’s all I’m going to say about that as I’m just losing myself as I stare at this shot.

Did you catch last month’s post? Check it out here.

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