Scotland in October

I don’t think I could love an area more than I love the beauty of Scotland! It made me feel like I was back in Montreal! The views, the colour of the trees and the landscape was so transfixing. Though it wasn’t a long trip, we managed to fit in a lot of different activities and I think we got to see a nice variety for both the adults and the kids. On top of that, made sure I had a lovely cocktail, so win win win for me. Check out what we packed in on our short trip.

The Scottish Crannock Centre

Day 1:
We didn’t get up to much as we spent most of the day driving the 4 hours to Perth where we were staying. We set off at about 10, took an hour long break in Carlisle and then cruised up to Perth. It was such a lovely relaxing ride, I can’t complain about the UK highways, they’re very clear and simple. When we got to our hotel and met up with the rest of the family who had also made the journey up, it was just the perfect time to head out and get something to eat. We had a nice, relaxed meal and then went back to the hotel and rested.

Perthshire, Scotland

Day 2
We woke to a lovely sunny, but cold Scottish day, after breakfast at the hotel, we then took a drive to Aberfeldy in Perthshire and then we eventually went to The Scottish Crannock Centre and learnt about the lifestyle of Scottish people during the Iron Age. We even got to go inside a crannock and learnt how they were very ingenuous when it came to creating fires. We then went on a gorgeous drive along Queen’s View drive and took in the beauty that was Queen’s view. We then went into Pitlochry to grab something to eat and then headed to the Enchanted Forest. Though it was a cold night, we had a lovely time, experiencing all of the interesting lights and light shows, we would totally recommend visiting if you can- take up the opportunity!

Day 3
After recovering from all the walking we did the previous day, we took it easy and made our way to Scone Palace, but unfortunately the maze and any of the activities for the kids were closed as they were setting up for their Halloween celebration. So, we had to think on our feet and instead decided to make our way to the area of St. Andrew and grabbed a quick lunch. We then took the kids to Craigtoun Park, where they played for ages and attempted to stage a family shot of all of us, which I think we nailed. But not before, we had an adult fall off a branch, close up pics of a kids hand and many, many outtakes. We finally enticed the kids to head to the beach. So we made our way to St Andrew’s Beach where the kids literally ran into the freezing water and mine ran in with her shoes! Lol. We then had a lovely meal in St. Andrew’s centre and then headed home.

Abbey @ St Andrews

Day 4
Today was a very special someone’s birthday, after being surprised with balloons and lots of LOL fun, we had the prospect of the drive back home. We didn’t get up to much tourism ourselves, but the other branch of our family stopped at Stirling Castle and checked that out, but we decided after opening presents, to hit the road to get that out of the way. As I did the driving, I don’t have photos, but if I could print images from my mind, I would have oh so many shots. It’s such a beautiful stretch of motorway to drive on- it’s one of my favourites.

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