November 2019 Roundup

The blur that is November! It’s been a wet, cold and very grey month, making photography somewhat difficult, but that’s not to say that I didn’t try! LOL. This month, we spent a weekender in London attending the England Women’s Football Match at Wembley, I played around a lot with my flat lays this month and tried to be thematic to the season…I hope. Check it out and let me know what you think.

“Leaf Fight”
I arranged a photo shoot of the kiddie winks for a secret project, it was cold, but luckily they were really good sports, especially once I promised them they could have a leaf fight afterwards. I’ll share the shots later, because it’s part of a surprise, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one that caught some of the fun.

We had a weekend away in London to see the England Women’s Team at Wembley, but our hotel was near Euston Station, this statue was outside of the station and we couldn’t help but stop and read what it was all about. It’s for the explorer who discovered Australia. I really like the angle I took the shot from.

I have a monthly subscription box of beauty products. I’ve been working on my flat lays, especially when there is a lot in the shot- trying to not make it too “busy”, but still cohesive. I think I was able to pull that off in this shot.

We took a walk through Regent’s Park while in London and I loved the dripping water from this fountain, so I chose to give it a dramatic edit, in order to spot the water droplets more clearly. It’s darker than my usual photography, but I was feeling moody that day, so I suppose it worked.

“Hydrangea & Book”
I’ve been reading this book and took this shot for the book review, but I really liked how it came out and also because hydrangeas are my favourite flowers and the blue tones were so nice.

So this shot came about on a whim, I really wanted to take some autumnal shots for the blog and had this tablescape on the coffee table, so I thought of using leaves to bring in some of nature’s colours. Went out for a walk and gathered flowers and tada this shot was created. I love when things like that come together, because really that’s one of my favourite things about being a photographer. Making whatever shot I would like.

While walking through Camden in London I really loved the vibrancy and the music vibe, it really reminded me of Montreal. We walked along the canal and I loved the colours of this mural/graffiti, so I decided to shoot it, but it was difficult to get a moment where there were no people. So I chose to shoot it on an angle in order to get the depth but also cutting randoms on the left of the frame- lol.

Pagoda Barge”
While strolling in Regents we were in awe of this beautiful pagoda, it was so beautiful with the surroundings and the colour really popped with the background. I did play with the saturation in order to make it pop just that bit more, but not enough to make it fake. 😉

“Love Hearts”
I stole some of these from Neveah’s Halloween loot for the sole purpose of taking this shot, I didn’t have any interest in eating it- lol. Gotta love the cute little messages on them and Neveah was the biggest winner as she got to eat them all afterwards.

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