December 2019 Roundup

Not gonna lie, this month has been a tough one emotionally, not feeling my birthday, not feeling Christmassy, not feeling the weather and simply not feeling myself. But! We made it to the end of the month, so that’s a plus, and we’re about to embark on a new year and decade. So! It can only go up! Check out this month’s photo recap, it’s a short one!

“Seasonal Blooms
I have been getting flowers delivered on a subscription basis for the past few months and it has been so lovely. Being surprised with how they’ll look but also what choices of flowers selected. They always choose locally sourced, in season blooms and this interesting looking flower was one of them. I have no idea what it is called, but I found it so beautiful in its uniqueness.

Another shot of seasonal “flowers” for thos time of year, they were sitting on the mantle hist needing some attention so I figured I take the shot. I realise that some of my shots are a bit too warm for my liking because of the internal lights in the house, will have make sure I pay attention and use my external flash more. Hehe.

“Frosty Leaf”
We didn’t get very winters weather in Barnoldswick this month, but the day we got the slightest frost, I was outside underdressed taking shots of the frost on the leaves.

“Untitled” I was gifted this interesting ball from my sister in law and her husband. And although I had seen the trend, but was a bit apprehensive to take some shots with this beautiful ball. But, I braved the bad weather and went to Letcliffe Park to the try it out and time some shots.

I love the ethereal effects on this shot, and how it kinda appears welcoming.

This shot was hard to achieve, but my little munchkin was good and we got the shot in the meantime. Lol.

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