2020: Blog Goals

2019! What. A. Year. I feel dizzy, honestly can’t believe how fast it’s gone and just how far we’ve come! Over a year ago, we shared our vision/dreams and goals for this little blog of ours, we’ve looked back at the year 2019 in regards to what we’ve accomplished and what we need to work on and with that, we guess it’s only fitting we sit down, put our heads together and think about our plans for the NEXT 12 months. As you know, we’re planners and list makers, but also as a way to hold ourselves accountable, having it out in the open should help to drive and motivate us…we hope. So read along to see what our goals are and feel free to check in on us and see how well we’re doing!

  • Do more networking; get invited to events: When we said we wanted to step out of our comfort zone, we weren’t joking. The market is highly saturated with bloggers, there is more than enough for everyone’s taste. With that being said, we want to get our name out there more and it’s part of a juggling act with making ourselves more visible and having more of a presence in our area. After all, we’re good looking people…we’d look good on any roaster, right?
  • Use Instagram stories better/more- more videos: We’re avid Instagram users, but we don’t necessarily use it to the best of our abilities or use all of its features. One of our goals is to do more videos and share more “current” content. We use a planning app (Planoly) in order to sort and plan our posts, but sometimes we’re so organised and so far ahead with content for the upcoming months that it’s not necessarily “fresh”. So, when we have spontaneous things to say or receive packages or even just life updates, we need to try and “force” ourselves to do more and put ourselves out there more. We’re always up to something or other, we just need to remember to bring you guys in a little bit more.
  • Start A Video Series: This one is out there! And I suppose you should always have a goal that kinda scares you or at least pushes you towards something you’ve never ever done before and this one is it. In our family, we have always had big debates about current topics or even controversial subject matters, so it would be right down our alley to have a mini video sesh of us debating or sharing our thoughts on points of discussion. Hot tea with RnR…or something along those lines, what do you guys think? I’ll share it on Instagram and then we can see your thoughts on the matter. Keep your eyes peeled. 😉
  • Buy our domain name and upgrade our WordPress Plan: This has been something that’s been dancing around in our minds for a while now and though we’re not a massive blog by any means, sometimes it’s good to work in the fashion that you are so that it’s an easier transition when you actually are a bigger and more successful “brand”. I think it would put us in good stead to own our domain name, as a sense of ownership but also because it puts us on the path to be taken more seriously, and that’s always good right?
  • Find & Focus on our Niche: Urgh, this one sounds like some major adulting if I’m being honest, but if we want to “clean” up our blog and ensure that we’re en par and continuing to challenge ourselves, then we need to try to focus in on the things that we love and that keeps blogging fun for us. As we’re a duo, it does mean that we may have hands in many more jars, but that doesn’t mean that when you come to our blog you won’t know what you’ll find.

We’re really excited with where we’re headed with our blog, even if it remains a place for us to simply vent and lay our lives out on the line, it has been a form of therapy for us and we can’t take that for granted. That being said, it would be awesome to make this more than a side hustle, so having a plan is a good way to assess and to be able to tick some boxes which will set us on our way in the right direction. What do you think to our goals and what are some of your goals, blogging or otherwise for 2020? Let us know!

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